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Destroy the Nova Kahouka Dam on the night of the 5th
“Danger level will be reached after 5 hours”

The Nova Kahouka Dam in Kherson Oblast, southern Ukraine, which is occupied by Russia, was destroyed in an airstrike on the evening of the 5th. social media capture

An emergency evacuation order was issued after the Nova Kahouka Dam in Kherson, southern Ukraine, which is occupied by Russia, was destroyed on the night of the 5th. The Ukrainian military blamed Russia for the attack, while a Russian official said it was “due to a serious terrorist attack”. According to the United States (CNN) and Russian news agencies on the 6th, a drone video of a large-scale crack in the Nova Kahouka dam occurred the night before and water is pouring out on social media. The Southern Ukrainian Operations Command confirmed the dam’s destruction the next day, saying on Facebook that it was “assessing the extent of the dam’s destruction and calculating the potential flood area.” President Volodymyr Zelensky called an emergency security meeting on the 6th. Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs designated 10 areas, including Mykolaivka, as dangerous areas for police and paramedics to help residents evacuate.

※ If the video does not appear, you can check it on the Hankyoreh website. Russia initially denied destroying the dam, but later admitted again. On the 6th, the Russian-appointed Mayor, Vladimir Leoniev, said that part of the Nova Kahouka dam had been destroyed by airstrikes overnight. “Around 2:00 am that day, several repeated attacks were made on the Nova Kahouca hydroelectric power station (HPP), destroying the sluice valves, and as a result, water from the Nova Kahouca reservoir began to flow uncontrollably into down the river,” he said. Earlier, on the same day, he denied it to Russia’s state-run news agency (RIA), saying, “Destroying the dam is nonsense,” but admitted the fact in soon “The degree of destruction of the hydroelectric power plant is very serious,” the mayor told reporters that day, “recovery will require similar efforts to rebuild it from scratch.” Ukrainian forces claim that Russia blew up the dam. The Ukrainian-appointed military and administrative chief of Kherson province, Oleksandr Prokudin, said on Telegram: “Russian forces have committed another terrorist act. “We blew up the Nova Kahouka hydroelectric power plant,” he said. “In five hours, the water will reach dangerous levels.” Prokudin urged residents east of the Dnieper to “immediately leave the danger zone”. “Russia is responsible for the lack of drinking water for the residents of southern Kherson and Crimea and for the possible destruction of the biosphere in settlements,” said Andriy Ermak, chief of staff of the Office of the President of Ukraine, on Telegram, he claimed. It is difficult to establish who is responsible for destroying the dam, he explained. Analysts who have been concerned that a dam could collapse during the fighting said the rapid flow of the video could cause major destruction to the city of Kherson and other populated areas along the Dnipro River. The news agency quoted a paramedic as saying that the flood could inundate around 80 settlements and that the dam could gradually ‘cascade down’. Correspondent Kim Mi-hyang


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