Europe is stricken, many countries with coronavirus cases soar France’s daily coronavirus cases top 179,000

On December 28, the French Ministry of Health It revealed 179,807 new cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, the highest ever recorded in the country and in Europe since the outbreak. Amid the fight against the Omikron mutant, however, the number is believed to be the highest in a single day. This could be from a compilation of the numbers of cases that were reported late during the past Christmas holiday.

Although preliminary results indicate that Omikron mutants are less virulent than Delta species. Those infected with omikron are 30-70% less likely to be hospitalized than Delta species, but the World Health Organization. Warns that the number of cases is rapidly increasing in Europe. This could result in the collapse of the health care system, unable to support the number of patients sufficiently.

French Health Minister Olivier Viran estimates that several factors suggest the arrival of early January next year. France’s daily coronavirus cases pass 250,000 a day, while Prime Minister Jean Castex recently announced measures to contain the coronavirus. more stringent which will come into effect in early January

The situation regarding the spread of COVID-19 in other countries of Europe are concerned.Italy 78,000 new infections found, the highest number since the outbreak began. There were also 202 additional deaths, bringing the total number of deaths to 136,753.Portugal It revealed 17,172 new infections, higher than the figure a day earlier.

partGreece Thanos Plefrich, Minister of Health came out to urge the people not to panic and to be vigilant After the daily number of infected people soared to 21,657 in 24 hours, whilecyprus Revealed the number of new infections has reached a new record at 2,241 and atEngland Another 117,093 new cases found

However, although many countries such as France, Britain and Germany have announced the cancellation of New Year’s celebrations. But no serious measures to control the epidemic came out. By the governments of France and England, people are encouraged to use their conscience and caution when going out to celebrate the new year.


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