Europe is terrible! President of Germany “quarantined” the Belgian-Austrian minister “infected” virus.


COVID: Europe is terrible! President of Germany “quarantined” the Belgian-Austrian minister “infected” virus.

COVID: Europe is terrible! – On Oct. 18, Doi Che, Welle stated that Mr. Franc-Walterstein Meier, President of Germany Started quarantine to watch the symptoms last Saturday. Ready to cancel the mission And scheduled for the opening ceremony of the Frankfurt City Book Fair in 2020 after a guard officer found that he was infected. COVID-19

A presidential spokesman said Mr Steinmeyer’s initial test was negative. But to monitor and prevent the spread Mr Steinmeier is isolated and will expedite a second test in the next few days. For an additional 7,830 new infections, it is Germany’s highest number of daily cases. The cumulative total number of patients increased to at least 361,733 and 9,853 deaths.

Before Female Prime Minister Angela Merkel Separated, quarantined and worked at home for 2 weeks in March. After meeting with a doctor who was later discovered to have COVID-19. But Ms. Merkel was not infected and returned to work normally.

part Mr. Haikomas Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Separated as well in September However, Mr Mas’ test results were negative both times.

COVID: Europe is terrible!

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier was quarantining on Saturday after one of his bodyguards tested positive for the coronavirus, according to a spokeswoman for the president’s office. REUTERS

COVID: Europe is terrible!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel spent two weeks in home quarantine in March after meeting with an infected doctor. Merkel tested negative at the time. REUTERS

Belgian and Austrian minister gets sick with COVID

On the same day, Mrs. Sawfi Ville’s Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium It was posted on Twitter that his test for COVID-19 was positive and was expected to be an outbreak by family members. Because he followed all infection prevention measures when going out He began detention on Friday, Oct. 16 after having a suspected illness.

While the Belgian government has raised the level of tightening controls, which will take effect on Monday, October 19, the main measures include All restaurants and entertainment venues must be closed for at least 1 month, requiring work at home and a curfew.

In austria Mr. Alexander Schallenberg Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria Separate statement for detention at the home After the COVID-19 test was positive, he said he felt well and did not have any medical conditions. A spokesman for Mr. Schallenberg said it was expected. Schallenberg may have been infected during the EU (EU) ministerial meeting in Luxembourg. Last week In which Mrs. Villeimace attended the meeting as well

COVID: Europe is terrible!

Belgian Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmès has tested positive for coronavirus, she said on Saturday. “The result of my Covid test is positive,” she tweeted. “A contamination probably occurred within my family circle given the precautions taken outside my home.” Pool photo by Jean-Christophe Verhaegen

Minister of Belgium-Austria

Wilmès, who led Belgium’s coronavirus response as head of an interim government until October 1, went into self-isolation Friday after experiencing “suspicious symptoms.” She chose not to physically attend the Friday meeting during which the government agreed to implement stricter measures to curb the spread of coronavirus in response to a dramatic rise in cases over the past few weeks. BELGA/MAXPPP

Minister of Belgium-Austria

Austria’s foreign minister, Alexander Schallenberg, is also quarantining at home following a positive coronavirus test.He is showing “no symptoms so far,” according to his spokesperson, who told Austrian media Schallenberg may have been infected at a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg on Monday, which Wilmès also attended. PHOTO: AFP

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