Europe passed the law Enforcing the USB-C port l Million dollar marketing l 08-10-65

Europe passed the law Enforcing USB-C ports l Million market money l 08-10-65 The latest EU just passed a law. Force electronics manufacturers Those sold in the EU must switch to a USB-C port by 2024 for devices that are open to change, such as mobile phones, tablets, headphones #iPhone #usbc #port #charger #Lightning #iot #phones #Europe #techreports #EU #Apple #charger #USB cable. “Million Market” program every Monday-Saturday 11.00-11.30 Channel TNN Channel 16 to follow the news station TNN Channel 16 https://tv.trueid. net/live/tnn16 / tnnthailand Line @TNNONLINE or click to catch up with the world. with the economy with TNN Channel 16, a news station that upholds the principle of presenting news that is relevant, fast, accurate, correct and impartial by a professional news team.

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