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The 2020 European Cup postponed and not renamed 24 teams will officially start the championship mode
The first time in the history of the “Greater European Cup” in 11 countries, 11 cities and 11 stadiums

Early tomorrow morning, Beijing time (12th),

The 4-year European Cup will kick off again.

Although it was postponed for one year due to the epidemic, the name is still retained as the 2020 European Cup.

From the first European Championship in 1960 to the present, this European continent’s most influential national championship has gone through a journey of 60 years.

There have been many unforgettable moments.

For the first time, this competition will take the form of a joint multi-nation show to present a wonderful matchup.

However, in Europe where the current epidemic situation is still severe, it is still unknown what kind of results this model will bring.

After another year of preparation for the 24 teams, no one knows the answer.

In this way, when many things are still unknown, a special European Cup has just arrived.

This is the first time that 11 stadiums have hosted events

The European Cup has always been the forefront of reforms, such as the “Golden Ball Winning” (1996 European Championship) that was used in the competition for the first time, Belgium and the Netherlands (2000 European Championship), Switzerland and Austria (2008 European Cup) and Ukraine The joint hosting of Poland (2012 European Cup) has left a strong mark in the history of international football. And this time, UEFA has introduced a new “gameplay”, which is to host a real “Greater European Cup”, that is, to break the traditional model of co-hosting by one country or multiple countries, and instead adopt different countries. Different stadiums in the city host different stages of competitions, allowing the European Cup to spread to every corner of Europe. In the end, 11 stadiums in 11 cities in 11 different countries became the ultimate “lucky guys.”

In fact, even with the impact of the epidemic prevention, this decision to host different stages of games in different cities has once aroused heated discussions among the media and fans. The main reason is that the distance between certain host cities is far away. In other words, traveling between these cities will consume a lot of their physical strength, which can actually be avoided. For example, in this competition, 3 group matches and one quarter-final of Group A will be arranged at the Olympic Sports Center in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Although the hardware venues are excellent, the atmosphere of the fans on the scene does not need to be worried, but there is a flight distance of more than 2500 kilometers between this place and other host cities in Central and Western Europe, which is undoubtedly a challenge for the teams that came to this competition. No small test.

For the teams in Group A, in addition to Italy, the remaining three teams will travel between Baku and Rome, and the non-stop flight time between the two cities is 8 and a half hours. The St. Petersburg Stadium in Russia has become the second most frequently used venue for this European Cup (after London’s Wembley Stadium). After the start of the match, there will be 3 group matches and 1 game in each of Group B and Group E. The quarter-finals, and the time to fly from there to other venues is more than 3-4 hours. Therefore, from this perspective, the challenges for each participating team really exist. Therefore, although the idea of ​​”all-European battlefield” is good, considering that the European continent is also vast, whether this model can be used in the end, it really depends on the effect of this competition to be finalized.

The epidemic is still the biggest test of running the game

The main reason for the postponement of the European Cup for one year is the new crown epidemic that broke out globally last year. Although the overall situation is slowly improving, it has to be said that for sports events, the impact of the epidemic It is still huge. The empty game will greatly affect the effect of the game, and it will also cause the sponsor to suffer a certain loss, and more importantly, the athletes participating in it are actually still being attacked by the virus.

This can be seen from the recent infections of the Spanish national team. If you add the news that “the main Dutch goalkeeper Silesen is absent because of the new crown infection” and “German star Kroos has just recovered from the epidemic” Among them, the epidemic is still the most difficult issue in this current European Cup.

In order to make this game a smoothly held, in fact, the relevant authorities including UEFA did not have much brains. Since the epidemic prevention standards of different countries and even different cities are not the same, it is not necessary to find and formulate a relatively uniform regulation. An easy thing.

At present, UEFA’s approach is basically similar to the standard after the rematch of European mainstream leagues last year, that is, the model of “who is infected, who is quarantined”. If other so-called close contacts test negative in the nucleic acid test, they are allowed to continue. game. If a large area of ​​simultaneous infection occurs, UEFA will negotiate with the European Cup Organizing Committee and the relevant local health authorities in the host city to make a final decision. Although this method does not sound very safe, in order to make the game go smoothly, it may be the most effective and possibly the only solution.

It is precisely in consideration of the possible situation that the epidemic may prevent players from playing. UEFA adopted the proposal of the Italian national team coach Mancini to increase the number of people on the squad for this European Cup from 23 to 26. However, Ironically, the Spanish team (only 24 people reported) that did not complete this list was the first team to experience an epidemic. Their strength is not outstanding, they first did not bring enough players to play, and then suffered the invasion of the new crown epidemic, Enrique’s team really “made it on its own.”

Watch hot

French, English and Portuguese

Who can have the last laugh

Before each competition, various media will predict the championship. What is obviously different from the previous competitions is that neither the traditional giants nor the newly emerging upstarts this year seem to have shouted the slogan of “winning the championship.” As for the reason, it is not difficult to understand. The teams that are capable of competing for the championship in this game are not in their best condition. It is their four-character policy to act low-key.

Take the defending champion Portugal as an example. Four years ago, they won the host French team 1-0 when they were not favored. They won the championship trophy for the first time in team history. Now five years have passed and they have basically completed the new game. They are supposed to be the biggest favorites to win the championship, but the team does not seem to have such a strong desire. As the only team among the major traditional giants that is hardly affected by personnel injuries, Portugal has not shouted. With the slogan of “competition”, let alone other teams.

Although the major European mainstream media do not seem to have a clear attitude towards the ownership of this European Cup, after all, there is still a basic judgment on who is strong and who is weak. France and England are currently the most promising teams. One point can also be confirmed from the winning odds in the latest period. France is the most optimistic about 1 to 5.50. The next two to four are England, Belgium and Germany. Although the situation of dark horse upset is not unprecedented (Greece won the championship in 2004), but after all, such a situation has occurred once in the past 60 years, so can France and England really come to the end?

In the World Cup three years ago, under the leadership of Southgate, the young England eventually got through and won the fourth place, which is impressive. Now the “Three Lions”, which has a more reasonable age structure, is making a comeback and standing on the stage of the European Cup. Perhaps even Suo Shuai did not expect that he and his team would be targeted because of the question of whether or not Lingard was brought. Even if Arnold was injured and left the team in the end, he had a clear understanding and consideration of the overall team tactics. He still chose to refuse to enlist the “Lin Emperor” and was able to resist the pressure of public opinion and make the most correct choice he thought. Southgate is undoubtedly more mature, and England’s prospects are even more exciting.

In contrast, the French team, which successfully reached the top of the world three years ago, is undoubtedly the most mature of the 24 participating teams. It retains the basic framework for winning the World Cup and strengthens the seemingly weakest center link. With this level of star pressure, the French team would like to say that they are not popular. At the Stadio de France 4 years ago, they watched the Portuguese players celebrate at their home court. If they can make it to the final and play against England, then they have a chance to make Southgate at Wembley Stadium in London. The team also tasted this bitter taste.

Look at the dark horse

Turkey “accidentally” breaks through

Most likely

Speaking of the “dark horses” of the European Cup, fans who watched the game for a shorter time will name the Greek team. After all, in 2004, the team coached by Rehagel won the “unexpected” championship in Portugal. profound impact. And if the fans have watched for a long time, the dark horse in their eyes may be the Danish team in 1992. When they participated in the European Championship as a “substitute”, they finally staged a “Danish fairy tale” and succeeded. So the question is, who of these 24 teams is the most dark horse? Turkey may be the one that deserves attention.

When it comes to Turkish football, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is the World Cup third place won in 2002. Indeed, the World Cup tour 19 years ago was of great significance to Turkish football. Back then, Hakansuk The leading Turkish team eventually beat the South Korean team and won the third place in the Korea-Japan World Cup, shocking the world football. And on the stage of the European Cup, in the summer of 2008, Semih’s consecutive brilliant goals helped the Turk also break into the top 4 of the European Cup. Although regrettably passed the final stage, the team half The wonderful match between the finals and the Germans will always remain in the hearts of the fans.

In the past 10 years, Turkish football has not achieved a new leap. The main reason is that after a generation of new and old replacements, the team has not really found a core leader like Sukk. The 27-year-old Charhano Lu is already impeccable in terms of football skills, but on the spiritual level, he can’t bring the team more help. After missing the 2012 European Cup and missing the last 16 round, Turkey is making a comeback this time and has the potential for a dark horse.

Specifically, there are two core central defenders Seyunju (Leicester City) and Kabak (Liverpool) in the current Premier League team. Turkey is good on the defensive end, although the conceded goals in the qualifiers are not good. Less, but this time with the help of Juventus defense versatile Demiral, the old coach Gunes should be more at ease in his heart. The main reason why Turkey is really optimistic is because they have an absolute strong center like Yilmaz on the front line. The 35-year-old “Mazi” has regained the second spring of his career in Lille this season. Not only has he helped the team regain the Ligue 1 championship after a lapse of 10 years, but he has also established himself as the absolute main force of the club and the national team. Isn’t this kind of Turkey the biggest potential “dark horse”?

Of course, in addition to Turkey, Slovakia with Hamsik and Poland led by Lewandowski are also likely to eventually qualify from their group to the round of 16, while Europeans such as Denmark and the Czech Republic Quasi-second-rate teams want to play in the fiercely competitive European Cup, so the absolute core of Eriksson and Soucek must have super-level performances every game.

See newcomer

German New No. 7

Haverts is worth looking forward to

Like the World Cup and the America’s Cup, the European Cup is also a stage where newcomers emerge. In France 4 years ago, the appearance of Renato Sanchez (Portugal) made people shine. In this competition, although the most popular post-00 star Soboszlój (Hungary) has been determined to be due to injury Absent, but England’s Mount and Foden, who belonged to the same era with him, and the 19-year-old Dutch rookie Grafenberg are all worthy of attention. Among them, the most attractive is undoubtedly the German handsome Havertz who just proved himself in the Champions League final.

Havertz, born in 1999, is a new generation of all-rounder play. It does not stick to certain specific positions and creates a greater threat with the goal closer to the opponent. This is the deepest impression Haverts left. Although there are not many highlights in his overall performance after joining Chelsea, since Tuchel coached the “Blues”, the German genius seems to have gradually found the feeling of playing in Leverkusen and played more comfortably. The effect is also better.

And on the third day of winning the second Champions League championship in team history, he and his good partner Werner rushed back to the German national team training camp, because he knew that the current national team also needed him to stand up and help. Although the German chariot has not won a championship for 25 years, they have been the most powerful contenders for the championship in the past three races. This time, with the new No. 7 seat, the 22-year-old rookie can play What kind of record the team achieved in the first adult national team competition is also expected.

Text / reporter Zhang Kunlong



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