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[European Union]Maesi “If Fast” helps PSG defeat Manchester City’s best player

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[Tilu News]After joining PSG in Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Maestro will finally “break fast” in the 4th game! The Argentine “ball king” played the main event in the Europa League “Death Group A” in the early hours of Wednesday (29th). In the second half, he responded to Mcbaby’s pass back and blasted into the world wave with his left foot, helping to defeat PSG at home and defeated the last runner-up 2-0. Manchester City. Messi not only scored the winning goal for the team, but in stoppage time, he was even more “respectful” and “diluted” to line the wall. Rare scenes became the focus of fans’ discussions.

PSG used Lev at home to start the game and immediately attacked. Messi launched the offensive on the right in 8 minutes. In the pass of McBabbi, Nima shot “Tart Q”, and Izu Shagur “leaped” into the penalty area. After breaking the net, PSG led by 1:0. The lagging “Blue Moon” made a full counterattack. In the 26th minute, Staning hit the lintel with his head hammer, and Bernardus Schwartz faced the empty goal and hit the lintel again, laying the line of defeat. After playing for 74 minutes after changing sides, Metz broke through the middle and handed it over to McBarbie. The latter immediately returned Metz to the top of the penalty area. The “King of the Ball” shot into the world wave with his left foot for the first time, securing 2:0 for PSG. Victory, 2 battles scored 4 points and rose to the top of the A group.

This is the most exciting battle Messi has played since joining PSG. After “breaking the fast”, he ran across the court and was quite devoted. Manchester City got a free throw in stoppage time. Defending behind the wall “Liu Di”, this rare scene immediately aroused hot comments from netizens. Some fans questioned “Boldly ask Metz to go to D.”, and the famous England star Rio Ferdinand also said: “Dang Pu Jetino asked Mes to do this (suddenly). Someone should come out to stop Mess. Mess shouldn’t do such a thing. It’s so disrespectful. If I were Mess teammate, I would come out and say: “I will come for you.瞓地”, this is not what Mess is going to do.”

However, Metz is still satisfied with his performance. He said after the game: “I was not able to play due to injury before, and this is only the second time I was defeated at home. I am still adapting to the new team. Several forwards have played more. The better the tacit understanding, we will work together to make progress together, and I am so happy that we can enter the wave this time.”

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