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Evans hit the rescue! Leicester chase the South 10 people. Capture 3 and escape Chelsea by 5 points.

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Southampton Although there are only 10 left behind Janik Westergard Was fired from the 10th minute, but in the second half, James Ward – Pras to beat the penalty for the Saint to lead, but Jonny Evans hit the “The Fox” draw an impromptu 1-1 before the point split. As a result, Leicester are ranked No. 3 as usual, with an increase of 63 points. Chelsea escape, ranked fourth, just 5 points. Last Friday night

Field: St. Marys

English Premier League football on Friday night, April 30 at the home of Southampton, 15th open St Mary’s, the visit of Leicester City, the third-ranked team of the table by results in the latest league, “Saint. “Raid to defeat Spurs 1-2,” Siam Fox “slashed to defeat Crystal Palace 2-1

Start the game just 2 minutes to Southampton. The rat scored a goal unfortunately after Janik Westergard placed the ball for Kyle Walker-Peters. Falling into the ball to pass the net back But the referee sounded a stroke ahead of the former full-back golden spikes before.

In 8 minutes, the back-up game of “Saints” almost got another chance, after Minamino ran to pressure Caglar Soyuncu until losing the ball before arriving, Che Adams passed through the middle for Nethantel. Hunt ran to the right, but the ball was light before entering Kasper Schmeichel’s hand.

In 10 minutes, the Southampton home must quickly have only 10 left behind Janick Westergard. The last stand was the last to lose the ball before charging to plug Jamie Vardy, who was falling into the penalty area. The referee blows the away foul for the away team and is the red card of the Westerguard before James Maddison spun a free kick around the wall, narrowly cutting out the first post.

15 minutes Ralph Hasen Huttl Having to solve the game quickly after less players By replacing Mohamed Salisu to play for Nathan Tella.

But the home team, although less than, but created an opportunity, almost got a chance to lead after 17 minutes, Kyle Walker-Peters. Bring the ball himself up before the sign to the left for Nathan Redmond to punch right from outside the box, but the ball still goes to the safe of the smashed Schmeichel.

Although the Foxes were more and more pressured, they had to wait 34 minutes to find a chance to spot the first frame after Yuri hit Lemann passed the ball for Kelechi Iheanacho before the Nigerian striker flipped the ball. Slashed outside the box with the left, but still light to go into the McCarthy hand.

The visiting team has continued to win 37 minutes, James Maddison shines far from outside the box but still spins the ball through the hands of Dan Saints. Then, less than a minute later, Iheanacho left the right sign for Yuri to hit the game, hitting the first post, the ball went strong, but still went straight to Alex McCarthy.

End the first half, still can’t do anything. Southampton, the remaining 10 draws with Leicester City 0-0.

In the second half, 59 minutes, the smaller home team got the ball on the penalty spot after Stewart Arstrong hit the arm of Kelechi Iheanacho, the referee immediately gave a penalty to Southampton VAR insisted on a handball for Iheanacho before James Ward-Peras took on the task of hitting the penalty spot without missing the “Saint” 1-0 lead.

Lester after the goal of a heavy attack in 63 minutes, James Maddison shone outside the box, but the ball was still out of the box.

Four minutes later, Ayose Perez flowed into the center for James Maddison to try again, and this time spun into the far post, the ball almost bowed in, but still was knocked off by Alex McCarthy. Possible

But at the 68th minute, Leicester City were able to pursue a 1-1 draw from the moment Nerdy hammered Kelechi Iheanacho to open with the left to the first pillar for Jonny Evans to swoop the ball into it. resolutely

In the last 10 minutes, the Foxes continued to crush the pressure on the residents. But can not score a goal to chase the game over Southampton The remaining 10 people, from the first 10 minutes, are drawn with Leicester City, 1-1 divided by one point per team.

Leicester still ranked third with an increase of 63 points, leading Chelsea in the fourth place at least 5 points, while “Saints” did not win the third game in a row, increasing to 37 points, Saint Burnley ranked 14.

List of players of both teams

Southampton (4-4-2): Alex McCarthy-Kyle Walker-Peters, Jan Bednarek, Janik Westergard (red card 10), Jack Stephens-Ta Kumi Minamino (Ibraimadallo, p. 76), James Ward-Basra, Stewart Arstrong, Nathan Stella (Mohamed Salisoon. 15) – Shea Adams, Nathan Redmond

Manager: Ralph Hasen Huttl

Leicester City (3-4-1-2): Casper Schmeichel-Wesley Fofana (Ayose Perez, 46), Jonny Evans, Carla Soyuncu-Timothy Gastane, V Lefried Nerdy, Yuritie Lemans, Luke Thomas (Mark Albrighton, n. 69) – James Maddison-Kelechie Iheanacho, Jamie Vardy

Team Manager: Brendan Rodgers

Referee: Robert Jones

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