Even a dam collapsed due to six times more water bombs than usual… Brazil’s ‘water riot’

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Heavy rains continued for two months in northeastern Brazil, displacing 35,000 people.

There is concern that the damage will be even greater as the dams collapse one after another with six times more precipitation than normal.

Reporter Shin Jeong-yeon will tell you.

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The whole village was submerged in yellow muddy water.

Rescue teams board boats to rescue isolated residents.

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“My son called and said, ‘Look at your kitchen door.’ Then he rescued me and brought me home.”

Another village in the midst of recovery after the water receded.

Walls collapsed in every house, and household items were buried in mud, causing havoc.

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“I bought this house less than a month ago. The heavy rain ruined everything.”

Bahia, in northeastern Brazil, has been experiencing heavy rain for the second month in a row.

Of the 35,000 people displaced so far, 18 people have died, including a 60-year-old man found dead in a river.

Even two dams in Bahia collapsed on the same day.

The ‘Igua Dam’ in Dakonquista City, Vittoria, in southern Vitoria, collapsed, and the ‘Jusiapi Dam’, which is about 200km away, could not withstand the high water level and part of the upper part collapsed.

No casualties from the dam collapse have been reported, but a state of emergency has been declared in 72 municipalities, and 58 cities are at risk of flooding, including cities downstream of the river being submerged.

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“There was a wave of water that seemed to be two meters across the bridge over there.”

The local meteorological authority said that during the month of this month, it rained 5-6 times more than usual in Bahia.

This is Jeongyeon Shin from MBC News.

Video editing: Min Kyung-tae

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