Even a personal visa for travel to Japan has been raised… boom keep

Expect the Industry’s “Second Boom”.

Japanese travel doubts are expected to rise as Japan announced that it would abolish the daily entry limit of 50,000 from the 11th of next month and allow foreigners to travel independently without a visa.

Japan has eased most travel restrictions by easing the obligation to test for COVID-19 before entering the country and allowing package tours without a guide, but has maintained the requirement to obtain group visas through travel agencies.

This is the reason why most travel agencies sell products leaving a month after the booking time.

It takes at least two weeks to get a visa.

The industry anticipates that the demand for travel, which has increased after the Japanese government allowed free travel, will further increase with this visa-free travel permit.

Shin Seol-kyung, head of the Japan Team for Good Travel, said, “Demand for travel to Japan has been halted since it was halted 7 months before the COVID-19 pandemic due to a boycott. “I believe it will happen. boom time,” he said.

Good Good Travel said that after 14 days when the possibility of a visa exemption was reported through the media, expectations were being reflected and the number of travel bookings in Japan had risen to an average of 500 per day.

This is the level before the boycott of Japanese products that began in 2019 and more than 50 times higher than during the pandemic.

Japan's 'personal visa-free' travel has been unleashed... keep boom

Modetour also announced that the number of bookings to Japan from the 14th to the 22nd increased by 140% compared to the same period last year (5th to the 13th).

A Modetour official explained, “As demand increases, we are negotiating with airlines to secure seats.”

Other travel agencies are in a similar situation.

Hana Tour’s daily average Japanese travel bookings for the 1st to 22nd days increased by 776.6% compared to the same period last month.

As for the Yellow Balloon, the booking rate for Osaka package products for 3 days 2 nights from the 1st to the 20th increased by 1,200% compared to the same period last month.

The booking rate for the Kyushu 3 days 2 nights autumn foliage tour increased by 600% compared to last year, and the booking rate for the Tokyo 3 days 2 nights package product increased by 115% compared to last year .

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