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‘Even babies don’t get milk or water’; Tears in Kabul | Taliban

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Kabul ഇന്ത്യ Indians waiting outside the airport say that their only prayer is to be able to return home somehow from the miserable land of Afghanistan. The women waiting for the flight with their babies add that life has been scary for a week.

Palo or even water is not available outside the airport to provide for crying children. The mother of a woman trapped in Kabul has revealed to the national media that she is heartbroken to see her crying and exhausted children. Her daughter arrived with the baby three days before she was notified by the embassy to arrive at the airport without any luggage.

They were placed in an auditorium on strict conditions not to leave. I was taken by bus to the airport the other day. The woman said she was on the bus until 11 a.m. the next day, but was abducted by Taliban militants. Released after detailed examination. She also revealed that her daughter said there were about 300 people in the auditorium.

English Summary: Indians are still crammed inside a wedding hall outside the Kabul airport


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