Even directly responding to my younger brother’s text … Daughter secretly fed chemical liquid to mother

Reporter Hwang Jin-hwan
A girl in her 30s who murdered her mother by secretly feeding her a chemical liquid for insurance money has been handed over to prosecutors while in custody.

Incheon Gyeyang Police Station announced on the 21st that it had sent A, in his 30s, to the prosecution who was arrested on a charge of murdering one of the supermen.

After arresting Mr. And on the 11th, the police carried out an investigation which was reinforced stating that the time of his crime was September 23rd.

A police officer said, “The suspect stated the date of the crime, but he did not remember the exact time. He only said it was in the morning.”

On the morning of September 23, Mr A is accused of murdering his mother, Mr. B, in her 60s, by secretly feeding her a chemical liquid in a drink at a villa in Gyeyang-gu, Incheon.

On the 28th of the same month, Mr. B was killed by his son in the villa where he lived alone. Five days after death, some of the body was in a state of decay.

After an autopsy, the National Institute for Scientific Investigation told police that “he was presumed dead because of the chemical fluid remaining in the body.”

When Mr A received a text message from his younger brother on his dead mother’s mobile phone, it was revealed that he had answered the crime himself and covered up the crime.

He admitted to the charges, saying, “I had a debt,” and “I tried to receive (the inheritance of) the death insurance money (in my mother’s name) due to financial difficulties.”

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