Even Gulf countries cannot do Islamic activities like India; Ponmala Abdul Qader Musliar

Kozhikode: Samasta Kerala Jamiatul Ulema AP Department Secretary Ponmala Abdul Khader Musliar said that there is no other country where Islamic activities can be conducted like in India. He said at the SSF conference that there is no religious freedom like in India even in Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia.

“When you look at the countries of the world, there is no country that can act as Islamic as it is here. Among the familiar Gulf countries, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Singapore in the eastern countries, there is no other country that is suitable for such an operation. There is no problem in the country to hold a religious sermon on Friday,’ said Ponmala Abdul Khader Muslyar.

Kanthapuram Indian Grand Mufti AP Abubakar Musliar had said that secularism should be protected for the peace and progress of the country. He was speaking at the inauguration of the SSF Fifty Golden Country Delegates Conference at Swapna Nagari, Kozhikode. He said that students and young people should work to create a positive environment in the country.

Extremism and terrorism are not the answer to anything. An educational revolution, not such subversive activities, should come from the students. The Sunni concept is against extremism. He also called on the new generation to follow the path of their predecessors.

SSF KY State President Nizamuddin Falili presided. Kerala Muslim State Jamaat Jana: Secretary Syed Ibrahim Khalilul Bukhari Kadalundi delivered the keynote speech. Syed Ali Bafaqi Thangal, TK Abdurrahman Baqawi and Jabir Sakhafi for Palakkad. Release of new edition of Risala Kanthapuram A. P Abubakar Musliar gave it to former Karnataka Minister UT Khader and executed him.

Hajj Committee Chairman C Mohammad Faizi and SSF January State: Secretary CN Jaffer spoke. 7000 selected students of the state are participating in the conference as delegates. Studies, lectures and debates will be held focusing on six areas namely religion, politics, education, social, culture and organization at the representative conference. 50 dignitaries will attend in 17 sessions.

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