Home Health Even if you don’t have a professional career, “Mourinho of Japan” C Osaka Director Akio Kogiku is a checker for miracles –From the soccer field –Soccer column: Nikkan Sports

Even if you don’t have a professional career, “Mourinho of Japan” C Osaka Director Akio Kogiku is a checker for miracles –From the soccer field –Soccer column: Nikkan Sports

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Cerezo Osaka coach Akio Kogiku (46) may win the title only 66 days after taking office at the end of August. In the Levin Cup final on the 30th, Cerezo Osaka, aiming for the second victory in four years, will collide with Nagoya Grampus. Coach Kogiku, who has no experience as a player in the J-League, has been a coach for about 15 years in the 24th year of the club. Armed with exceptional human power, he will bring a new twist to the J-League.

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It is said that the surname read as Kogiku is still often mistaken for “Ogiku”. The new coach, who may be the least well-known in the J-League, is checking the miracle of winning the title on the 66th day of his inauguration.

On the 29th, the day before the final, Director Kogiku, who attended the official practice at the venue Saitama Stadium, decided, “Thanks to the players who won this stage, I definitely want to engrave a third star on the emblem.”

Kogiku has no track record as a professional player. During the prestigious Takigawa Daini (Hyogo) era, he was registered for the National High School Championship in 1st year, but could not enter the bench. In the second and third years, when he was mainly numbered 8, he was blocked by the genius midfielder Daisuke Oku of Kobe Koryo. At Aichi Gakuin University, he was nominated for the Japan Collegiate National Team, but suffered from tonsillitis and abandoned his professional dream.

Before graduating from university, C-Osaka’s subordinate organization, which was hired as a part-time job, evaluated the guidance to elementary and junior high school students as “kind, polite, and energetic,” and in four years he was selected by the staff of the team management department. I was able to communicate well with anyone, and in the ninth year of joining the team, I finally changed my position to the coach of the top team competing in the J League.

A total of more than 15 directors have been involved with Kiyoshi Okuma, Yoon Jong Hwan, Rotina and others. Learn the strengths of each commander and learn about the winter era of three J2 demotions. This summer, the 24th year since joining the team, the first major role has come to coach Kogiku, who has been a coach for about 15 years, due to poor results from former coach Levir Culpi.

“If I don’t get him, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life. Please.”

This is Akihiro Nishimura (63 = current JFL Kochi United) who was former Cerezo Osaka coach and strengthening manager in order to join Shinji Kagawa (currently PAOK of the first division of Greece) of high school 2 at that time in 2005 when Director Kogiku was in charge of scouting. This is the word when I spoke directly to (SC director). Words and deeds are always hot and persuasive.

The belief is “self-sacrifice, do not use players who cannot work hard”. Taking advantage of the etiquette, attention to the surroundings, and communication skills learned in high school, he speaks not only to the main players but also to the players who cannot play the game every day. It may be because he has a bitter feeling of giving up his professional career due to illness. A club official said, “I have never heard of Mr. Kogiku’s bad reputation. A miracle person.”

The captain Hiroshi Kiyotake (31), who has been instructed for eight years, said, “The director who understands the feelings of the players best. I want Mr. Kogiku to take the title.” DF Ayumu Seko (21) even says, “I want to win and raise Mr. Kogiku.” Midfielder Takashi Inui (33) and goalkeeper Kim Jin-hyeon (34) have the same feelings. The team drawn by the humanity of the commander is now united.

Former boss Nishimura has an image of a world-famous Portuguese general and sends ale to his former subordinates.

“Although Mourinho has no track record as a professional player, he gained the trust of others through coaching and interpreting in the subordinate organization. Director Kogiku (who has a different personality but a similar background) may also become Mourinho in Japan. I think he is the property of C Osaka. “

Director Kogiku also says.

“Even if I don’t have a J-League career, if I get results in the coaching business, I can give children who couldn’t become professional players the dream of becoming a coach. I’ve also gained experience as a coach, so I have pride as a slapstick. “

After taking office as coach Kogiku, Cerezo Osaka was reborn with disciplined play in both offense and defense. In addition to the crisp press from the front line, the counter was used flexibly, and the defense was strengthened. At one point I was worried about being demoted to J2, but now I’m almost certain to stay in 12th place.

Along with the Emperor’s Cup, which survived to the top four, there is a possibility of winning two crowns this season at this Levin Cup. First, go to the club’s third title. Kogiku Cerezo is hot right now.[Kazuyuki Yokota](Nikkan Sports.com / Soccer column “From soccer field”)

◆ Akio Kogiku Born in Kobe on July 7, 1975 (Showa 50). After working at Takigawa Daini and Aichi Gakuin University, he became the coach of the C-Osaka sub-organization in 1998. In 2005, when he was a scout, he joined Shinji Kagawa, who was a high school student at the time, and since 2006 he has been mainly a coach. The family is a wife and a man.


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