Even mild and asymptomatic COVID-19 has a serious effect on the brain… Similar to cancer sequelae

Stanford University and Yale University found similarities with the neurological effect of Corona 19 ‘chemo brain’

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A study result showed that even a mild COVID-19 infection can cause long-term neurological sequelae, such as the ‘chemo brain’ experienced by people who have received chemotherapy (chemotherapy).

The explanation is that ‘brain fog’, a sequelae that shows symptoms such as loss of concentration and memory after being infected with COVID-19, is very similar to the sequelae of cancer treatment patients.

On the 11th (local time), NBC New York reported that a joint research team at Stanford University, Yale University, and Mount Sinai, New York, found a ‘surprising similarity’ between the neurological effects of COVID-19 and the sequelae of cancer treatment called ‘chemo brain’.

According to a paper published on the 10th, it was confirmed that even mild cases of COVID-19 can cause serious cellular effects on the brain that have long-term effects on memory and executive functions.

People receive a free COVID-19 rapid antigen tester at a public library in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA on the 12th (local time). Maryland = EPA

Researchers analyzed the brain tissue of patients who died from COVID-19 in early 2020. They found that even those who were mildly ill or asymptomatic at the time of death had significantly higher levels of an inflammatory protein (CCL11), which is associated with impaired neuronal production and cognitive function.

Similar results were obtained in an experiment to observe symptoms in the brain after infecting a mouse animal model with COVID-19. In the rat brain, hippocampus, the production of new neurons rapidly decreased after one week after corona infection, and this phenomenon persisted for at least 7 weeks. The production of new neurons in the hippocampus plays an important role in maintaining memory.

The research team said that the results of this study are strikingly similar to the neuropathological symptoms that appear after chemotherapy and COVID-19 infection. .

“Most of the data included in the study came from the early days of the pandemic,” he added, adding that “it’s not yet clear what the long-term effects of omicron mutations will have on people.”


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