Even though “short memory”, goldfish may drive!!!

Even though “short memory”, goldfish may drive!!!

Curiosity makes us human “Know what” more

Recently, with curiosity and experimenting with Ben-Gurion University Scholar

Negev Israel made me know

Goldfish may have the ability to “drive a car”too!!!

In the experiment, scholars caught goldfish and put them in a glass tank mounted on wheels.

which has “water” andgoldfish motion detector

which whenever where goldfish powered fish tank wheeled vehicle robot

to the predetermined direction to be marked

is “color”obvious beside glass fish tank

Academics will give “food”as a reward


“After a few days of testing”

“The goldfish propels the fish tank in the right direction.”

“Moreover Goldfish can still move on.”

“Even if interrupted by a knock on the side of the glass cabinet.”

“But the goldfish are still not fooled. and can continue to drive the fish tank to its destination.”

The results of the experiment concluded!!!

want to know about fish still more useful I want to know a lot about the villagers.



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