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‘Even though the final qualifiers are confirmed’, coach Bento said, “It’s our style”

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Directed by Paulo Bento. Provided by the Korea Football Association

“As you wish, as you intended, as you prepared…”

Qualifying for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has been confirmed. However, coach Paulo Bento shouted “our style” in the final match against Lebanon. They are determined to finish the second qualifying round with a scoreless score in all matches along with build-up soccer.

The soccer team, led by coach Bento, will meet Lebanon in the final match of Group H of the Qatar World Cup Asia 2nd Qualifier at Goyang Stadium on the 13th.

Qualifying for the finals has already been confirmed.

As long as they don’t lose by more than 8 goals in the match against Lebanon, they can keep the top spot in Group H. Even if they are pushed to second place in the group, at least four countries out of the second place in eight groups will be beaten. In the second qualifying round, the top four teams from the eight groups and the top four teams from the second place advance to the final round. However, as the host country, Qatar, which has an automatic qualification, climbed to first place in Group E, and the top five countries from the second place get tickets for the final qualifier.

At a non-face-to-face press conference on the 12th, coach Bento said, “As always, I will try to get three points in return with good performances. The goal is to win with performance,” he said.

Changes in the lineup were also announced. Kim Min-jae (Beijing Guoan) misses due to accumulated warnings. However, Bento’s build-up football will also be maintained against Lebanon.

Bento said, “There will be some changes in the player lineup.” He said, “You must not lose your concentration until the very end. It is important to finish the second qualifier well within the framework you have been doing. It is best to finish with three points. . As in the previous two games, you have to focus and work hard to play a good game.”

He continued, “It will be a game of a different tempo in defense. It can be a much more difficult game.” He continued, “You have to lead the game as you want, as you intend, and as you prepare. It’s just playing one game,” he added.

There are also variables. The match against Lebanon kicks off at 3pm. The previous two games started at 8 p.m. The heat must also be overcome.

Coach Bento said, “There are many goals. The most important thing is not to simply win, but to win with the desired performance. There may be a small goal to finish the second qualifier without a score,” he said. “Considering the kick-off time and hot weather, the whole 90 minutes “It’s impossible to press forward. You have to play smart.”

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