Even though we are close contacts, we dance all night at the club… Finland’s youngest prime minister

Prime Minister Sanna Marin Finrard attends the second meeting of the European Union (EU) summit held at the Council of Europe Building in Brussels on October 22, 2019. © AFP=News1 © News1 Reporter Kim Ji-hyun

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has been criticized for having danced all night at a club despite being classified as a close contact with the coronavirus.

According to AFP news agency on the 8th (local time), Prime Minister Sanna Marin, 36, attended a nightclub in Helsinki just hours after Foreign Minister Peka Havisto tested positive for COVID-19. The fact came to light when he posted pictures of himself in a nightclub.

When the truth was revealed, he apologized on Facebook, saying, “I should have made a better decision” and “I needed to be careful. I’m very sorry.”

Marine returned to work on the 7th after receiving negative results from two corona tests.

He claimed that he did not receive quarantine requirements from the Ministry of Health even though his contact, Minister Havisto, tested positive.

In relation to the claim, the opposition party attacked, saying, “Isn’t he missing the quarantine warning message?”

The reaction of the local people to Marin is cold. According to a poll commissioned by Finnish private broadcasting channel MTV3, two-thirds of respondents rated Marine’s outing as a ‘serious mistake’.

Finland has the lowest incidence rate in Europe with 196,000 confirmed cases so far, but in the past two weeks, 308 new cases per 100,000 population have been reported, recording an all-time high. This is because the recent corona-related situation is not good. So far, there have been eight confirmed cases of Omicron infection in Finland.

Meanwhile, Marin previously caused controversy by posting pictures of her friends and her official residence on social media. In addition, despite being a public official, he was directly criticized by netizens for promoting fashion accessories.

When Marin took office in December 2019, he set the record for being the youngest prime minister in the world.


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