Even with the acquisition of Yuya Mori … will you not relax your hand to strengthen the number one in Japan for the second year in a row? 9 people out of power … Orix in turmoil | Full Account

Trainer Nomi retired from active duty, 9 people under his command, including Masui and Kaita, were out of power

It was announced on the 19th that Fushimi Toratake, who exercised domestic agent (FA) rights from Orix, will transfer to Nippon-Ham. The team has already acquired Yuya Mori as a free agent from Seibu, but top outfielder Masanao Yoshida is aiming to transition to the majors using the mail system. Place in the frame is still under control, and it is expected that the reinforcement will be made in the future to win the league title for the third time in a row.

At the start of this season, it started with a margin of 65 people. Acquiring outfielder Joe McCarthy, registering pitchers Daisuke Kondo, Masaru Nakamura, Kohei Higashi, and Yuki Udagawa under control, and shortstop Ryota Ishioka joined in a trade with outfielder Shunta Goto, and the deadline for reinforcements fully passed. 70 people.

And Atsushi Nomi, a pitcher and coach, retired from active duty. Under the management of pitcher Hirotoshi Masui, pitcher Tomoyuki Kaida, and catcher Masato Matsui, a large number of nine people were reported out of power. Among them, 2021 draft 1st place pitchers Ren Mukumoku and Ryomasa Toyama have renewed their training contracts. On November 10, he announced that he had acquired catcher Ryo Ishikawa from Nippon-Ham in a swap trade with pitcher Tsunanori Saito.

At the draft meeting this fall, five players were nominated under control, including pitcher Ryuhei Soya (Hakuoh University), the fastest 151-kilometer left-hander who is expected to be an immediate force in the first place. Taking these out, if Tadashi Yoshida leaves, the frame under control will be 64.

Orix has managed to acquire a rare “catcher who can hit” even in the baseball world named Mori, but it seems that there is still more movement, including the departure of foreigners. Aiming for the number one position in Japan for the second year in a row, what kind of measures will they take?

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