Evergreen’s capital reduction / Evergreen’s first day of resumption of trading fell almost 5%, and the capital reduction market failed.

Evergreen (2603) fell short of the 180-yuan mark on the first day of its resumption of trading. Not only did it fail to inject, but it also fell 4.8% and fell 9 yuan to a minimum of 178 yuan. than 4% in a row, and shipping became the weakest stock on the disc.

Evergreen traded on the first day after the capital reduction this morning. The reference price was yuan 187. It was a gap and fell 3% at the opening. The decline widened in 10 minutes. A flat defense battle. At the same time, it also drags down peers Yang Ming (2609) and Wan Hai (2615) down more than 4%, becoming the weakest stocks in the market this morning.

In the morning, netizens were also very upset about Evergreen’s performance after “exit customs”. “Big brother style is gone”, “Shipwreck”, “The sailors are too boring”, “Save Arong Gulugulu”, “Participating in the Arong capital reduction is really losing money”… But there are also supporters strong to Evergreen netizens who confidently shout “A-Rong wakes me up”, “It’s still early, the water is deep and it’s fine.”

This year’s Evergreen shareholders meeting passed a 60% capital reduction, returning 6 yuan in cash per share. Before the capital reduction, the stock price closed at 80.8 yuan on September 6.

Evergreen originally said it was “slim down” in order to meet the boom. Before the capital reduction, the paid-up capital was 52.911 billion yuan, and the net value per share was 82.54 yuan. No change, so the opening reference price was raised this morning to 187 yuan.

Previously, a legal person’s report estimated that after Evergreen’s capital reduction, the EPS is 164.16 yuan and 52.04 yuan respectively this year and next year, according to the net value per share of about 266 yuan and 253 yuan, and the target price was 177 yuan. In addition, there is a clear gap between the target price reported by foreign companies and domestic legal entities JPMorgan Chase Securities is looking at 520 yuan, while financial investment advisers are looking at it as low as 160 yuan.

At the same time, before the market opens, although the market believes that the price-to-book value ratio of Evergreen shares has reached a historic low, it will become a strong support for the stock price. Second, during the suspension of Evergreen, Yang Ming and Wan Hai, which is also one of the three container giants, rose 4-5% against the trend, which is beneficial to the performance of the capital reduction market this morning. But at the same time, there is also news of economic headwinds. Mainland China will have a long holiday on the 11th, and shipments will be significantly reduced Shanghai’s latest export container freight index fell 9.7% this week. In addition, the United States Federal Reserve will raise interest rates in September This morning the stock price was weaker than expected.

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