‘Everlasting moments in the heart’; Divya Unni shares pictures with her daughter

Image: Instagram

HActress Divya Unni shares her experiences and pictures with her fans. Now, the actress has shared Diwali celebration pictures with young Aishwarya. Divya posted the picture with the caption “Moments that will forever be etched in my heart”.

Divya gave birth to her third child on January 14, 2020. The joy of the birth of the daughter informed the divine devotees that the baby angel had arrived. The actress also shared her experience as a mother at the age of thirty-seven. “At first I was worried about my age, but the delivery was normal. I also had morning sickness during pregnancy, so I didn’t have to change anything. She has been dancing since the second month. The big thing is that it lasted for the last eight months. ”


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