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Literature and art come from life and are higher than life. The film “Ordinary Hero” reproduces a real event that happened in Hotan, Xinjiang last year. From the video, we can see that an ordinary farm child living in Hotan has broken his little arm due to an accident. As far as the conditions of his family are concerned, it almost shows that his life is about to end or he will be disabled for life, but to the surprise of his family, the child has a chance to have a healthy life again. In the film, the traffic police, the hospital, the airport, the airport tower, and the passengers on the plane cooperated fully, one after the other, until the last child lay on the operating table under the shadowless light. After eight hours of excitement, the little boy’s limb was cut The blood vessels were connected successfully. For a child as young as 7 years old, it is hard to imagine what kind of painful experience and what kind of happiness it is. When he was young, the thrill and speed of life and death experienced by this accident and life saving experience will grow with his age, the rich experience, the complete recovery of the severed limbs and nerves, and the unforgettable period for him. Through the experience, he will have a deeper understanding of his life, his hometown and its people.

More than a year has passed since the event, when this real event, which was remembered by time, entered the spiritual life of people in a literary and artistic way, and moved all audiences. The presentation of the story by the film “Ordinary Heroes” is not only based and thoughtful, but also a good film and a work full of artistic expression. He turned a real event into a “work of art” and showed people deep, pure, real and simple Xinjiang in an artistic way.

Profound Xinjiang: Although injuries are merciless, there is great love in the world. It vividly reflects the party’s and the country’s adherence to the value concept of “people-oriented, life first”. It deeply embodies the harmonious relationship of people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang as a family and helps each other, and vividly reflects the social customs of all walks of life in Xinjiang to protect life and love without borders. All this touches the softest part of people’s hearts. The film “Common Heroes” not only expresses the spiritual significance of the event itself, but also expresses the unique spiritual temperament of this hot land in Xinjiang.

Pure Xinjiang: The purity of Xinjiang lies in the beauty of Xinjiang. There is not only the extreme beauty of mountains and rivers, desert oases, but also the love of people. Caring, accommodating and caring are the highlights of great love. And this highlight is reflected in every frame, every shot, and every scene of the film. From the story to the end of the film, the real characters are presented on the screen. During the viewing, the audience’s feelings have failed to calm down. The great love in the world is not only Chinese speed, sincere and loving eyes, and touching behavior shown by the characters in the mirror. What actually happened is the pure and heartfelt emotion of the kind people of Xinjiang.

Xinjiang Modern: In addition to showing the great love in the world, this film really has a very important aspect, and the work has also made a good expression. The thrilling and tense atmosphere of the opening of the film’s story has always been throughout the film. There is one life exchange after another. The film not only expresses the theme of human love and life first, but also vividly shows the ability and perfect social rescue cooperation level of our country, and shows the awareness of professionals and ordinary people living around us for emergency rescue. Within eight hours, the amputated limb of the living body can be revived, and the rhythm of life with the main body of life can be jumped out again with the pulse of the heart. emergency rescue channel. We noticed in real stories and film performances, that this channel is organic, harmonious and accessible, especially in emergency situations. On the other hand, it shows the high level of emergency cooperation awareness, emergency cooperation ability, emergency cooperation responsibility and emergency cooperation level shown by a country, its social system, and all backgrounds. The success of the film lies in the use of artistic methods to express this ability in a real, full, penetrating and accessible way. The audience is moved, and at the same time, they feel extremely happy living in such a country. with a sense of security. When it comes to emergency management, we may have experience in a specific exercise, and when the emergency situation does strike suddenly, most people’s reaction is overwhelmed. When the emergency rescue system is activated , can best reflect the social responsibility and care, mutual Care, social ability to cooperate, etc., the Xinjiang shown in this film is real, life-giving, full of hope and strength.

The successful performance of the movie “Ordinary Heroes” has also brought more space to Xinjiang’s literary and artistic creation. With the power of literary and artistic creation to boost culture, literature and art will certainly give a strong and irreversible boost. Combining good stories, real characters, and the spirit of the times with good artistic architecture and sophisticated artistic creation, and tell the Xinjiang chapter of Chinese stories well, can become a reality. Literature and art can certainly play a subtle social role. It infects and inspires people by shaping artistic images, making people’s minds change subtly, and then affecting people’s social life.

Each and every stroke of China is the backbone. Today, the Chinese nation has entered a new era, and the themes of Xinjiang have attracted much attention. Xinjiang is a hot spot for literary and artistic expression. Not to mention the mountains and rivers in Xinjiang, which are colorful and colorful, just talking about its intensity, purity, and authenticity can stimulate the drive and enthusiasm of literary and artistic creators. Therefore, literature and art are used to promote culture and enrich Xinjiang, expressing the profound beauty, pure beauty and true beauty of Xinjiang. In the way of literary and artistic creation, the social role of literary and artistic aesthetics comes into play. The Chinese culture originates from history, and the Chinese stories that grow in the production and life of various ethnic groups are transformed into artistic images of cultural enrichment, so that readers of all ethnic groups can return to the sense of individual and Cognition of the country, the region and the country, past and present, and establish a correct opinion of the country, history, nation, religion, and culture will play a unique role.

Writer Yerksey Hulmanbek, member of the tenth China Writers Association Presidium, Vice Chairman of the Xinjiang Writers Association, first-class literary creation, critic

Organized by: Xinjiang Literature and Art Critics Association

(Yerkesi Hullmanbek) (China Daily Xinjiang reporter station)

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