‘Everyone wants a long speech, so I don’t like to talk’; Sanju

Ahmedabad: Do you know who is Chris Morris’ favorite player in the IPL? Chris Morris has given a very proud answer to the Malayalees and Sanju Samson is the star. Both are Rajasthan Royals players. Morris’ words are in the video of interviewing Sanju.

Sanju Morris was denied a single in the match against Punjab. But big shots led Morris to victory. After this, there was a discussion on social media that there was a rift between Sanju and Morris. But Morris’ response was to dismiss it all.

In an interview, Morris asked Sanju what was the most difficult thing to do when he was captain. Sanju’s reply was that it was a conversation at a team meeting. Colleagues expect a long speech from me. I do not like to talk like that. Sometimes it is possible to gain more experience. Says Sanju.

Sanju said the advice he received from Chris Morris was invaluable in his career. That was in 2016. When he first saw Morris, he was advised to hit the balls coming straight at him. Sanju said that he still follows it today.

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