Everything I Know About Love, an album by Laufey, a young artist with a jazz heart.

2. What Love Will Do For You

Is there anything more heartwarming than the feeling of realizing you are deeply in love with someone? who likes to let her mind wander by accident not with the body and the body every time it’s close or think about someone you like Until sometimes I accidentally do something stupid (“I don’t know where to look. Don’t know where to walk. Don’t know how I’ve been acting lately. Absent minded, kind of crazy.” I don’t know where to look or where to go I don’t know how to act lately, I’m distressed and a little crazy) It’s a song that gives a beautiful atmosphere. And the singing technique reminded the author of Ella Fitzgerald’s songs as well.

I know I sound stupid, I do. That’s what love will do to you.

I know that sounds silly. That’s what you’re going to be in love with.

3. Everything I Know About Love

As for this song, it comes in quite a bright rhythm and has a playful feel, a song of the same name as the album is Everything I Know About Love. It is about what we have learned through the experiences of love. that is not sweet or inviting dreams as I have read and heard (“So magical in every way. It is eternal every day. Sweet obsession, rose bouquets. Oh, it’s Heaven, or so they say.”as if by a spell that never fades It’s a sweet love and a bouquet of roses They say it’s paradise like that) because love is not something that has specific requirements and forms. After all, what we think we know about love. Well, we don’t know anything about it at all, right?

I don’t know that much at all. I stumble, I fall. Every time I try it’s all too much. That’s all I know about love.

I didn’t know much. ups and downs Every time I tried, it was too much to bear. That’s what I know about love.

4. Just Like Chet

Let’s come together with a sad song to please the heartbroken. Just Like Chet tells the story of someone who has been deeply in love. It’s hard to erase the scars from loving the wrong person. Until we secretly hope we can go back and fix the past. before letting that person’s heart go easy by accident (“In a perfect world, I wouldn’t have met you at all. In a perfect world, I would have said “Hello” and moved on.” in a perfect world I probably wouldn’t have met her. in a perfect world I’d say hello and walk away) and the most important charm of this song is Inspired by I Fall In Love Too Easy by Chet Baker.

I go on and just like Chet, I fall in love too easily.

I followed my heart, as Chet fell in love so easily.

5. Falling Behind

And then came the last song of the day. With a song that comes in the style of bossa nova that will represent the lonely people who feel alone among the people around them who look cheerful, bright and fall in love. Falling Behind reflects the feelings of anyone who feels alone and lacking the person next to the body There is no one there to shelter the heart (“I’m just getting older. I’ve never had a shoulder to cry on. Someone to call mine.” I’m getting older everyday I never had a shoulder to lean on when I was sad Someone who’s mine) Falling Behind is a tribute song to those who feel they have no luck in love .

Everyone falls in love and I’m behind.

Everyone has love Like for me, there is no one.

You can follow Laufey via Instagram: laufey and support her music. You can stream it via spotify, apple music, joox and youtube.

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