Everything is ‘withered’… Typical male menopause symptoms


male hormoneplays an important role in sexual function while expressing masculinity. Testosterone secretion increases rapidly during puberty and gradually increases, reaching its highest level. 35 years oldfrom Decrease by 1% per yeardo. decrease in male hormones male menopauseor erectile dysfunction sexual dysfunctioncan lead to Based on data from the Western Seoul Branch of the Korea Health Management Association quality of life for mento influence male hormoneFind out about


hair loss

male pattern hair lossIs heredityclass male hormoneIt is a typical type of hair loss caused by In particular, male pattern hair loss is caused by changes in the male hormone testosterone. dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormoneof excessive secretionIt is caused by hair follicle cellscombined with a specific part of hair lossis the causative agent of If hair loss is suspected, it is better to visit the nearest hospital and get an accurate diagnosis.



Although there are individual differences, male hormones testosteronethe secretion of early 30’sto vertexafter reaching 35 years oldfrom more than 1% per yearcontinuously decreasemiddle-aged 40’s to 50’sfrom male menopause symptoms appear.

Middle-aged men who have entered menopause are typically decreased libidodo sexual dysfunctioncan experience fatigueor Lethargy, depressed mood, increased body fat, hair loss, skin aging experience symptoms such as Factors in male menopause decrease in male hormones In addition to Excessive drinking, smoking, stress environmental factors such as High blood pressure, diabetes, liver disease physical factors, etc.

The treatment of male menopause is to supplement the lack of male hormones. For male menopausal patients hormone replacement therapyIf implemented, the patient’s muscular strengthwill increase, body fat reductionWow prevention of osteoporosisOverall, body functions are improved.

In addition cognitive abilityThis improves mental symptoms, namely Lethargy, fatigue, depression, fear symptoms such as Improvingbecomes sexual abilityThis improvement improves libido and sexual function. However, it is important to use testosterone after an accurate diagnosis by a specialist because it can cause serious side effects when used in the general public without male menopause.


male menopauseof preventionoccurs during social life overcoming stresstry new ways to do it mineralsa lot of food low-fat foodeat enough Sleepclass restIt is important to take with people around honest conversationIt is also a good way to spend time with

male hormone decrease in testosteronesuch as erectile dysfunction sexual dysfunctionmay cause Erectile dysfunction is a disease in which the penis is not rigid enough to allow for a normal sex life. sex lifeAs well as ConfidenceEven atrophymake it When erectile dysfunction occurs, depending on the diagnosis and symptoms Medication, hormone injections, surgery, psychiatric counseling There are other treatment methods.

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