“Evil Castle 4 Remake” can not kill the arms dealer CAPCOM does not allow players to hurt innocent people! | News

圖 / Capcom

“Evil Castle 4 Remake” is officially launched today (March 24). The game is full of ingenuity and complete content, and it has wonwidely praised; However, in fact, the developer CAPCOM still has a few places, and has not completely copied the design of “Evil Castle 4” more than ten years ago. One of them is that players cannot kill arms dealers in the 2023 version.

The mysterious weapons dealer in “Evil Castle 4 Remake” has always been quite popular among players. Not only can you buy many powerful and beautiful weapons with it, but there are even additional shooting range side missions. In the original “Evil Castle 4”, which was first launched in 2005, the weapons dealer can be killed, but he will still appear at the fixed point of other sales items. In the new version of “Evil Castle 4 Remake”, it is changed so that the player cannot be forced to target the merchant, so he cannot be killed.

Can’t kill arms dealer clip in new version (see 2:49)

Other more important changes, including the laser light QTE level that some people liked in the old version, were removed in the remake; and the claw machine game in the junkyard was also cancelled. In terms of operation, players currently playing the game should feel that many of the QTE reaction animations have been replaced with in-game reaction action keys such as blocking and squatting.

The game “Evil Castle 4 Remastered Edition” was launched on March 24. It is an action shooting adventure game that describes the popular hero Leon in the series and goes to save the president’s daughter.



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