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Original title: Evra: Every club has at least two gay players Mbappe speaks like a politician

Evra: Every club has at least two gay players, Mbappe speaks like a politician

Live it, January 12. Recently, former Manchester United and French national team full-back Evra accepted an exclusive interview with the “Parisian”, during which he talked about Mbappe and the homosexuality of the football world.

– Homosexuality in the football world

“In football, if you say you’re gay, you’re screwed. When I was in England, the club brought in someone to talk to us about gays, and in that conversation, a certain teammate Said: ‘That goes against my beliefs, if there is a gay man in this locker room, he has to leave’. At that moment, I replied: ‘The whole world wants you to shut up’.”

“Can you imagine? I played with gay players… We were face to face and he opened up to me because they were afraid to talk about it. Every club has at least two players who are gay, but in football , if you admit it, you’re done.”

– Mbappe

“He’s well educated and I like Kylian (Mbappe) walking down the street. I admire him, but he looks so clean, that seems to be hiding something. When I listen to him, it feels like It’s like listening to a politician talk. I hope he thinks a little more about the team on the court instead of pursuing his personal goals because he’s not just a player, he’s a star on the team .”

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