Ex-boyfriend’s shocking DM ‘Interference with Love’… What’s your girlfriend’s choice?

How far can you trust the words of an unfair love?

In the 161st episode of KBS Joy’s entertainment program ‘Love Intervention’, which was broadcast on the 31st of last month, the story of a troubled man who has been dating his girlfriend for 6 months was revealed.

The troubled man was not shaken by the story of a girl who said that her ex-boyfriend was still attached to her, and he immediately confessed and started dating. However, when they both posted pictures of their vacation on social media, the ex-boyfriend provoked the troubled man by posting a picture of him staying in the same hotel as his ex-boyfriend and tagging the troubled man.

My boyfriend told me to ignore it, saying it was just a picture taken last year, but I felt like my boyfriend was making excuses by emphasizing last year’s time. Afterwards, the ex-boyfriend caught up and sent a message that the boyfriend also had feelings for the ex-boyfriend, and the boyfriend felt unfair, saying that he had been manipulated.

In the story of the troubled man who felt embarrassed, the 5MCs debated whether it was treatment or not. Joo Woo-jae said, “My ex-boyfriend has verified that he is a stranger too many times. How can I trust such a person?”

Kim Sook said, “In ‘Love Intervention’, DM’s report felt like Cho Sang-sin helped. But this time, even when we looked at it, it was a success in the sense that we were confused.” I didn’t feel that when I read it,” he noted.

In the end, Joo Woo-jae summed up, “Even if we talk, if we have doubts, it’s not a problem we can control. If the doubt doesn’t go away, continuing is not a good choice to everyone.” He threw a hot fireball and disappeared, but he used it as a spark to fight and then said goodbye. He confirmed himself that he didn’t want to trust his girlfriend who was worried.”

Kwak Jeong-eun said, “I came to the conclusion that I can love with all my heart only when I have no feelings of anxiety. If I can love only when I am perfect, is it possible in this life ? If I want to do that? love with all my heart, I love even if I have doubts.” I will continue to see my friends.”

Reporter Lee Geum-joon, Internet Electronic Newspaper (aurum@etnews.com)

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