Ex-CIA Director: “If Russia Uses Nuclear Weapons, US Will Destroy It”

Source: Yonhap News

If Russia uses nuclear weapons in the Ukraine war, US and NATO allies could come forward to defeat the Russian military, said the former director of the US Central Intelligence Agency’s CIA.

Former CIA Director David Petraeus said in an interview with ABC on 2nd local time that he did not discuss with the White House national security adviser what would happen if Russia used nuclear weapons, although he assumed that only it was an assumption.

“We will eliminate Russian troops and all ships in the Black Sea from the battlefield in Ukraine and Crimea through the joint efforts of NATO and others,” he predicted.

When the ABC host pointed out that if the radiation leaking from the use of nuclear weapons reaches NATO allies, it is actually an attack on NATO, former Director Petraeus said, “You can see it that way.”

He continued, “In another aspect, it can be seen as something that is so terrible that it has to be dealt with, and that cannot be ignored without responding.”

However, former Director General Petraeus said, “We have to show that it is unacceptable in any way,” although he said that “nuclear-on-nuclear” will not be the way to spread the war.

Speculation about Russia’s possible use of nuclear weapons is growing as Russia finds itself on the defensive in the Ukraine war on the ground.

Like Western officials and analysts, Petraeus said Russian President Vladimir Putin is in a dire situation under pressure.

“The reality on the battlefield that he faced is irreversible,” Petraeus said.

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