Ex-convict wins 20-year prison case, receives more than 1,600 million baht in compensation

Dean Gillespie, 57, of Ohio, sued Miami Township Police and former Detective Scott Moore for misusing or obtaining evidence in criminal cases. and interfering with the identification of witnesses in the 1991 rape and kidnapping case, in which Gillespie was identified as a suspect.

On November 21, a federal court ruled in his favor and awarded $45 million in damages, becoming the largest ever Litigation between civilians and government agencies in Ohio history.

Gillespie was accused in two cases in 1991 of raping twins and another girl, and the Montgomery County District Court found him guilty and sentenced him to prison.

Gillespie was released in 2011 with the help of ‘The Ohio Innocence Project’ team at the Faculty of Law. The University of Cincinnati is led by former Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro and his mother, Juliana Gillespie.

Dean Gillespie

Gillespie has always maintained his innocence, and in 2021, a Monttomer County Court Judge acquitted him. Earlier, a jury in a federal civil trial found that Detective Moore violated Gillespie’s rights by concealing some evidence that could exonerate Gillespie from charges. which made the defendant not get justice according to the process

Detective Moore also claims that witnesses identified Gillespie as a suspect. although the female witness never spoke They also suggestively suggested to the victims that they might not recognize Gillespie in court because he had newly dyed his hair. Detective Moore refused to release the camping use receipt, which proved Gillespie was in Kentucky. At the time of the rape There is also no biological evidence linking Gillespie to the two incidents.

Gillespie currently lives in Fairbourne. Suburbs of Dayton, Ohio. In addition, his wife and Petro wrote a book about prosecuting and imprisoning this wrong person.

Detective Moore and the Miami Township Police Department. No statement has yet been made or announcement as to whether or not to file an appeal with the court.

Source: usatoday.com

Photo credit: GETTY IMAGES, The Enquirer

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