Ex-Husband Allegations: Ryu Hye-rin Claims Abuse and Demands Child Support

Title: Ryu Hye-rin Accuses Ex-Husband of Alcohol Abuse, Assault, and Verbal Abuse; Demands Child Support

By Lee Eun, Money Today Reporter | August 3, 2023, 22:16

In the recent episode of “High School Mom and Dad 4,” Ryu Hye-rin, the ‘Teen Mom’ influencer with 1.6 million followers, spoke out about her ex-husband’s abusive behavior. Meanwhile, her ex-husband, known as Mr. A, responded with his own version of events on his YouTube channel.

Mr. A posted a series of videos titled “Please Stop and Read,” where he addressed the reasons behind their divorce, child support payments, and ongoing legal proceedings. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the media’s prioritization of ratings over factual accuracy. He also criticized the Internet news coverage that labeled him as a man who attacked his pregnant wife.

In his videos, Mr. A claimed that he had been a victim of physical abuse from Ryu Hye-rin, stating that she had a history of aggressive behavior. He recounted an incident where he threw a pillow at her out of frustration and described another occasion where he allegedly hit her knee, causing bruising. However, he denied the accusations of hitting her pregnant stomach.

Moreover, Mr. A admitted to a pattern of constant drinking, attacking Ryu Hye-rin, and using abusive language. He blamed their marital conflicts on their lack of intimacy following the birth of their child.

Claiming that their divorce was mutually agreed upon, Mr. A questioned why he was considered at fault and demanded answers regarding the significant alimony payment he received from Ryu Hye-rin.

Contrary to Mr. A’s claims, Ryu Hye-rin’s friend, who visited her home for ten years, revealed that child support payments were irregular, often amounting to less than the agreed-upon amount and being delivered late. Frustrated with the situation, Ryu Hye-rin decided to take legal action against her ex-husband.

During the broadcast of “High School Mom and Dad 4,” Ryu Hye-rin shared her experiences of being a young mother and a victim of domestic abuse. She disclosed that she divorced Mr. A in 2022, after filing for divorce the previous year. Ryu Hye-rin also expressed her distress regarding malicious comments she received from her ex-husband’s fans, who held a significant following on social media.

To counter Mr. A’s defamation accusations, Ryu Hye-rin sought legal assistance. Fortunately, the evidence she gathered cleared her name, though Mr. A never released an update on the situation and claimed to be a target of ongoing malicious comments.

As the story continues to unfold, both parties’ claims and their impact on their daughter’s well-being remain to be seen.

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Money Today Reporter Lee Eun | 2023.08.03 22:16

Ryu Hye-rin “Ex-husband, constant drinking, assault, abusive language”… “Give me child support”
Mr A’s ex-husband “There is no evidence he didn’t hit”, “Paying child support every month, late payment”

/Picture = MBN ‘High School Mom and Dad 4’ broadcast screen that adults don’t know ‘Teen Mom’ Ryu Hye-rin appeared on ‘High School Mom and Dad 4’ and revealed about her ex-husband, who is ‘ 1.6 million influencers’, while her content-broadcasting ex-husband began to rebut

Mr A released on his YouTube channel on the 3rd, ‘I’m a YouTuber who attacked my pregnant wife…? Through a number of videos called ‘Please stop and read’, he revealed his position on the reason for divorce, child support, and legal proceedings.

Mr A said, “I understand to a certain extent because broadcasters only need to show good ratings rather than verify authenticity. In fact, I don’t think I want to be confirmed. If I wanted to be confirmed, the broadcast would not have been broadcast until the facts had been confirmed.”

Then, he complained about injustice, saying, “I am being presented as ‘a man who attacked a full-term woman’ in the Internet news on the broadcast.”

Mr. A insisted that he was somewhat beaten by his ex-wife Hye-rin Ryu, saying, “That person had bad hand habits.”

He said, “I was also hit in bed that day. I was sick and frustrated, so I threw a pillow at the person. ‘Look at you too! How painful it is’ and hit the person’s knee hard. The next day, when I checked, the person’s knee was bruised.” and remember the past. Then he said, “I hit the stomach. the stomach of my pregnant wife? Why are you making me do that?”

Regarding the part where he used to get drunk, attack, and verbally abuse, Mr. A, “I drink constantly, attack, and am verbally abusive,” and “I really like alcohol I claim.

In addition, Mr. A, “I got married because I had a child, but we fought a lot after we got married.” During pregnancy, they promised to have sex once a month, but even after giving birth, Ryu Hye-rin refused to have a relationship, and they divorced due to conflict.

He said, “We divorced by agreement,” and asked his ex-wife Hye-rin Ryu, “But why am I not married at fault, why did we divorce by agreement, and why did you give 3 million for me as alimony?”

/Photo = Ryu Hye-rin’s ex-husband, Mr. A’s YouTube video, while Mr. A said, “Currently, child support payments are well paid on the 11th of every month. All payments are unpaid child support as well.” Are you becoming a man who abandoned your child and ran away?” and revealed details of monthly child support payments.

Mr. A said, “There is no evidence in the photo that Ryu hit Hye-rin in the stomach when she was full term.”

He continued, “The reason I didn’t respond when I saw the email coming from the broadcast was that I thought I wouldn’t broadcast it if I couldn’t confirm the truth, and how did I mean the ‘aggro’ (provocative action to attract attention) broadcast I didn’t want to be a victim, and I stopped him from appearing on the broadcast, but he said he had already finished filming.”

/Photo = MBN ‘High School Mom and Dad that Adults Don’t Know 4’ Broadcast Screen On the other hand, in the MBN entertainment program ‘High School Mom and Dad that Adults Don’t Know 4’, which was broadcast on the 2nd, a ‘teenage mother’ who gave birth to a child at the age of 23 and is raising a two-year-old daughter (Ryu Hye-rin appeared as a mother under the age of 24, which is the standard for youth under the age of 24). the Youth Welfare Assistance Act.

On today’s broadcast, Ryu Hye-rin revealed that while living alone with her younger brother after her parents divorced, she developed a relationship with A, whom she met at work in 23 years old, who started living together, and registered their marriage. .

According to the re-enactment drama drawn from Ryu Hye-rin’s perspective, Mr. A drank and assaulted Ryu Hye-rin every day, and was assaulted or forced to sleep while she was pregnant.

In addition, in order to increase the number of views of Ryu Hye-rin’s video after giving birth, Mr. A made unreasonable demands, such as saying, “You hit me on the cheek” and hit me, and “Are you going to bed or doing me a favor? It’s really useless.” Along with insulting words, etc., he even shifted the responsibility to Ryu Hye-rin.

Ryu Hye-rin, who decided to divorce for her daughter and run away from home, announced that the divorce was finalized in 2022 after filing divorce papers when separating in 2021.

Hyerin Ryu, who revealed her daily life of raising her daughter, told the fans of her ex-husband A, an influencer of 1.6 million, that she suffered from threatening malicious comments.

Ryu Hye-rin told a friend who came to her house for 10 years, “The child support is originally 500,000 won, but sometimes I give 300,000 won, sometimes I give 200,000 u won, and sometimes I change the date. This was mine. way,” and then sued her ex-husband

Ryu Hye-rin told the production team, “When my ex-husband first uploaded the video, I also appeared, and the fans who saw it knew that I was a married couple. I posted it on (social network service) . My ex-husband sued me for defamation when he said the video made him out to be a person who didn’t pay child support.”

Ryu Hye-rin appointed a lawyer, and thanks to the evidence he gathered, she was sentenced not to commit, but Mr. A did not release the video of the result afterwards, claiming that malicious threatening comments continued.

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