“Ex-lovers, popular actor K, forced abortion, pretended to marry, unilateral notice of parting” came out… ‘wavelength’

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An article by a netizen claiming to have received an abortion and unilateral breakup notice from actor K, who was his lover, has been posted on an online community, causing a stir.

On the 17th, in an online community, an article titled ‘I am accusing the double and shameless reality of the popular actor K-mo’ was posted.

Poster A claimed through this article that she was an ex-girlfriend who had been dating K since the beginning of last year, saying, “I can’t do my daily life mentally because of his very different image on TV, so maybe I have to reveal my personal story as a woman. I decided to take all the risks and post.”

According to Mr. A, Mr. A was pregnant with Mr. K’s child in July of last year. Mr. A, who had a weak body since childhood, said it was difficult to have children. He heard the doctor said that if he had an abortion, he might never be able to conceive again, so he wanted to have a child. I was told, “If I have a child now, I have to pay 900 million won (advertisement, etc.) in damages, but what if I can’t even postpone it later?”

Person A said, “Actually, I found out later that I did not have to pay the 900 million won penalty, but I lied to him to have an abortion.” He threatened to say no and even showed tears.”

He added, “(Mr. K) will get married in two years, introduced her to her parents, and promised to live together from next year.” In the meantime, Mr. A said that Mr. K sent an acquaintance of a close theater actor to the hospital pretending to be the child’s father, and spent 2 million won for surgery and hospital expenses.

Afterwards, Mr. A said that Mr. K showed severe emotional ups and downs due to his work and acting activities, and that it changed even more as he gained popularity. He also said that K was a cold-hearted and ungrateful person, unlike the image on TV, and was often sarcastic about the actors and crew he worked with.

Person A said, “Mr. K said that it was difficult at the end of the year (last year) that our dating photo was taken at the agency, and the secret of this relationship was leaking. I even deleted the photos myself,” he said.

He continued, “At that time, I withdrew because I was afraid that my relationship with the person I loved would do something wrong, and I acted like a sinner. I have more time to think like that, and one day, suddenly, I was informed of the breakup unilaterally.”

Mr. A said, “Because of our sincere past years, my sacrifice, journalists, and because of our sensitivity, we moved without people asking for a penalty, changed the license plate, and adjusted everything to him.” I hope you will regret it for irresponsibly discarding it.”

Immediately after the article was published, it spread to many online communities, causing waves. Currently, on mobile and the Internet, several actors are being discussed in relation to actor K.

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