Ex-President Moon Jae-in considers suing “Pyongsan Village residents suffering from abusive language and loud voices”

Conservative YouTuber loudspeaker rally

Disclosed to the press, “anti-reason”

Security authorities demand a firm response

Former President Moon Jae-in, who returned to Yangsan, Gyeongsangnam-do after his retirement from office, announced on the 30th that he would consider measures to hold civil and criminal responsibility, saying that the residents are suffering due to the protests of some conservative YouTubers.

Former President Moon Jae-in’s office released a press release on the same day, saying, “The peaceful village has become a scene of high-pitched castles and profanity. It is a daily routine that has been repeated since President Moon retired and came down to Pyeongsan Village,” he said.

The secretary’s office said, “The village elders are suffering indescribably from the noise of loudspeakers and swear words every day,” said the secretary’s office. It is a situation that cannot be overlooked any longer.”

The secretary’s office released videos (photos) of the YouTubers’ rally that day to the media. The secretariat said, “The reason why we released the video is because we want this issue to be dealt with head-on in our society by putting on the cloak of assemblies and protests and by letting us know as it is the reality of anti-reason, which is repeatedly practiced every day.” Former President Moon Jae-in has been living in Pyeongsan Village, Habuk-myeon, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do since his resignation on the 10th. Since then, members of some conservative groups and YouTubers have held a rally near the home of former President Moon Jae-in and used loudspeakers to shout and shout, complaining of inconvenience and stress from residents. Residents are known to have filed a complaint with the police or called 112 several times.

However, it is reported that the police are in a position that it is difficult to crack down on and punish because members of conservative groups are holding assemblies reported by members of the Assembly and Demonstration Act based on the law. The police are only warning that people can be punished if they violate regulations such as noise standards and restrictions on the use of loudspeakers at night.

Former President Moon Jae-in is considering a plan to sue them for defamation or insults in the near future.

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