Ex-UFC fighter Frank Shamrock abandoned dog at airport

Former UFC fighter Frank Shamrock scandal.

It is claimed that it was abandoned by his brother for the days.

Ighterighter admitted admitted admitted old old old

Shamrock, 46, originally searched for someone for care.

7-year-old labrador mix to the bed of a pickup truck and flew out to another state.

Dallas Police – March 6.

The witness explained that they have been in the bed of the two days previously.

Dallas Animal Services (DAS) issued in March 2.

Animals eventually took action, while he was an animal cruelty investigation and investigation.

The Dallas Police Department t

Shamrock Russell E. Dealey Animal Rescue Center.

Before he left on his trip he made the appeal via Facebook for help.

He wrote just an hour before his flight. “Please help! Anyone (in) Dallas, Texas that can help with this dog. ”

Zelda is still awaiting a new home.

A spokesperson for the center said: t

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