Examine lottery prize, front selection – final 3 digits, previous 2 digits for 16 Aug 65

Test the lottery, prizes, front figures – last 3 figures, past 2 digits, for the period of time of 16 August 65, who will be a new millionaire, get a fortune in existence-switching model, loaded in 10 concentrations

Stick to the information, press observe, reside information

On August 16, 65, the Government Lottery Place of work draw lottery prizes The raffle for the day of August 16, 65, by the ambiance in entrance of the Federal government Lottery Office environment, Sanam Naam, in which there are lottery stands. Appear and fulfill the masters of the lottery, occur and get fortunate quantities alongside one another busy. In this attract, who will be a new millionaire, acquire a fortune in a lifestyle-switching design and style, wealthy in 10 levels, have to wait to acquire the lottery, check out the prize

Today, gamblers obtain fortunate figures, well known lottery numbers, hoping to have a good fortune to nourish them during the difficult financial situations. This pricey oil from different lottery fans guessing the blessed quantities of this draw

-Auspicious selection 90-09-12-08-24-75 (12-08-2475 – 05-05-2493 – 28-04-2493)
– Kruba Boonchum Quantity 31-13-07-70-25-52-65-56-03-30-02-20-06-60 Dharma Exercise for 3 years, 3 months, 3 days from 29 April 2019
– Primary Minister’s number to Mueang Kan, automobile registration variety ก.T.5969

-Pumhuang amount, August 4, Mae Phueng’s birthday, Phuang Moon, 61 a long time aged, lottery lovers to get figures 04-08-25-61-16-504

-Working day selection 8, month 8, yr 2022, gentle a candle to increase Sala Rahu’s horoscope, 8 directions, Sawang Arom Temple, Huge, smile, lay golden eggs, get the variety 4, 5, , mild the auspicious incense, range the chanting ceremony is 523 – 624 – 971

– Kham Chanot figures, Mother’s Day, frogs appearing in sacred ponds are a tale each time. In this attract, lottery followers get quantities 09,90,91,19 – Khan Nam Mon. Father Cham sees the number 372.
– Newcomers monk h2o bathtub range 78 – 04 – 95

Click on listed here to check all the prizes.

-The selection to open the horoscope to obtain prosperity on the 15th waxing moon of the 9th lunar thirty day period Lucky quantities in front of Thep Kumarn Pinphet, see 4 quantities
– River number a single, emphasis on figures 5 / 5-3, enamel 5, 2 figures 53-54-34, 3 figures 534

– Taoist selection Phusilp, a popular singer, lighting 3 incense sticks at the moment Worshiping Thao Wessuwan, Wat Rangsi Yatikaram Temple, Nakhon Phanom Province, presenting a mini-live performance in front of the gods who give luck and the gods who give wealth . Lottery neck provides incense variety 859 of the popular singer and auto registration number Scorching 8831 to gamble.

– Lucky selection Ingfah Warah Bosnawat Isarakraisin launched a luxurious van for Ingfah and his crew The procession appears at the pink license plate quantity 4470.

-Figures Ning, Panita – Khem, Hassawee, shelling out homage to Ai Khai, demonstrating hearth tail quantities 375-24 ,117-34
– The accurate magic range, the phrase necklace, the amount you like this interval 146-430-427-057

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