Examining the Potential Dominance of Chinese Capitalists in Thai Universities: Insights from Professor Krasae Chanawong

Can Thai Universities be Dominated by Chinese Capitalists?

Renowned journalist Sutthichai Yun sheds light on the intricate dynamics of Thai-Chinese education through an exclusive interview with the esteemed Professor Dr. Krasae Chanawong, the President of Krirk University. The program “Black Coffee List” explores the pressing issue of Chinese influence potentially permeating the Thai educational landscape, offering invaluable insights and perspectives.

An Insightful Conversation

In a thought-provoking episode of “Black Coffee,” aired every Friday at 9:45 pm on PPTV HD 36, Sutthichai Yun engages in a profound dialogue with Dr. Krasae Chanawong, a leading figure in academia. The interview unravels the complexities surrounding the potential dominance of Chinese capital in Thai universities, unraveling a deeply-rooted concern affecting the nation’s educational landscape.

Dr. Krasae Chanawong, with his vast experience and expertise as the President of Krirk University, imparts his valuable knowledge on the matter. The insightful conversation delves into the measures necessary to prevent the possibility of Chinese capitalists exerting undue control over Thai education.

Black Coffee, A Valuable Resource

With its rigorous investigative approach and commitment to presenting diverse viewpoints, “Black Coffee” offers a platform for critical discussions on crucial matters, such as the influence of Chinese capital in the Thai education system. Through episodes like “Black Coffee EP113,” the program enlightens its audience and raises awareness about important issues that shape the future of Thai-Chinese universities.

By tuning in to PPTV HD 36, viewers gain access to an unparalleled opportunity to gain profound insights into the complexities surrounding Thai-Chinese education. Professor Dr. Krasae Chanawong’s presence and extensive knowledge add credibility and academic rigor to the discourse, making it an essential watch for anyone concerned about the state of Thai universities.

For further updates and enriching discussions, remember to follow “Black Coffee” on PPTV HD 36. Stay informed, engaged, and be a part of the conversation shaping the future of Thai education.

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when Thai universities Can be dominated by Chinese capitalists?
“Sutthichai Yun” opens the dimension of Thai-Chinese education from the point of view of “Mr. Krasae” with the problem of how to manage When Chinese influence may take over Thai education “Black Coffee List” has the answer.
exclusive interview Professor Dr. Krasae Chanawong, President of Krirk University Follow-up on the program “Black Coffee” every Friday at 9:45 pm on PPTV HD 36.
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