EXAT moves forward with the M-Flow system, expected to open early next year.

Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT), Ministry of Transport It has implemented a Multi-Lane Free Flow (M-Flow) automatic toll collection system, which is expected to open in early 2022.

In this regard, EXAT, together with the Department of Highways Implementing an automatic toll collection system without barriers (Multi-Lane Free Flow) by integrating it in the same form and standard (Single Platform System). As for EXAT, Phase 1 will be implemented. At the Chalong Rat Expressway, 3 checkpoints are Chatuchot Toll Plaza, Sukhaphiban 5-1 Toll Plaza, and Sukhaphiban 5-2 Toll Plaza.

For the progress on the part, EXAT has signed a contract for the installation of the M-Flow system and the software development and connection of the M-Flow system with the Single Platform System of the Department of Highways, Phase 1 on the 8th. Last September, with an operational period of 120 days, with a progress of 13.18% (as of October 8, 2021), and signed a contract to hire King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang. as a project management consultant The work of the automatic toll collection system without barriers to the same model and standard on September 14th in order to be able to operate the M-Flow system completely and efficiently. by the consultant It will be studied in detail to assess the suitability and improve the design of the software, hardware and related processes for the operation.

In addition, preparations are made in respect of relevant laws. and preparing for creating awareness and public relations for the opening of the M-Flow service on the expressway, which will open a virtual test system (Soft Opening) in March 2022 and open for service during April 2022

In this regard, the M-Flow system is a new and convenient way to pay the expressway tolls. No need to stop or slow down. Using Video Tolling technology, which is an Automated License Plate Recognition camera system with AI technology, together with an automated vehicle detection system (AVI) to inspect vehicles and identify road users.

In order to use the M-Flow system, the user must register the vehicle before starting to use it at and m-flow applications, and can use the M-Flow signage lane without barriers. The M-Flow system can support speeds of up to 160 kilometers per hour. It can drain the car faster than the original system. Compatible with all types of vehicles And there is a notification system for the use of payment channels. Users can conveniently pay the toll through a variety of channels. Both forms of payment for each time running through or a form of payment according to the monthly billing cycle Including support for manual payment formats and the form of payment via automatic debit of the Easy Pass/M-Pass backup account



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