Excitement! North Korea fires missiles in Japan’s exclusive economic zone Just 210 kilometers away from Hokkaido

North Korea fires a missile believed to be an intercontinental ballistic missile South Korea revealed on Friday (Nov. 18), a day after Pyongyang just fired a smaller missile. and warned of a stronger military response to moves to upgrade the US security posture. in this region

Fumio Kushida Prime Minister of Japan The missile, suspected to be an intercontinental ballistic missile, is believed to have been launched. likely to settle in the exclusive economic zone of Japan ready to condemn that “Something unacceptable”, however, he initially revealed that there were no reports of any damage. which happens to ships or aircraft

“Ballistic missile fired from North Korea. it is believed to fall within our exclusive economic zone West of Hokkaido,” Kushida told reporters in Bangkok. During the regional summit While the Japanese Ministry of Defense also previously stated that It is an intercontinental ballistic missile.

The exclusive economic zone covers a maximum of 200 square nautical miles (370 km) off the coast of Japan. beyond the national waters limit While the Japanese Coast Guard revealed that the missile probably fell into the sea. About 210 kilometers west of Hokkaido.

Intercontinental ballistic missiles are North Korea’s most long-range weapons. It is designed to carry nuclear warheads and can hit any part of the United States.

a day earlier North Korea fires short-range ballistic missiles. which happens at the same time with warnings from the Secretary of State Cho Sun Hui about a more intense military response to the moves of the United States to deploy security in the region. by saying Washington is taking a gamble “They’ll regret it”

In a statement released by state media, Cho condemned Sunday’s trilateral meeting between the United States, South Korea and Japan, during which the three leaders criticized Pyongyang’s weapons tests and pledged to more robustly increase security cooperation.

This year North Korea has conducted the largest number of missile tests ever. It was even banned by a UN Security Council resolution. to boycott this country punishes Pyongyang’s missile and nuclear weapons project

Friday’s missile launch came as US Vice President Kamala Harris was in Thailand to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation: APEC) amid geopolitical tensions over the war in Ukraine. and other hot topics such as Taiwan and the Korean Peninsula.

Intercontinental ballistic missiles are ballistic missiles with a minimum range of approximately 5,500 km, designed primarily for the delivery of nuclear warheads. and some have the potential to go as far as 10,000 kilometers or more

Some of the missiles can only carry one warhead, but analysts suspect that North Korea is trying to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles that can carry multiple warheads. Each head can guide a separate missile to attack the target. Mounted on an atmospheric re-entry vehicle capable of targeting multiple independent targets.

North Korea fired what is suspected to be the latest intercontinental ballistic missile. This happened on November 3, when they fired a series of missiles into the sea in what they called a protest against joint military drills between South Korea and the United States.

(Source: Reuters/AFP)

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