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Since the beginning of Spotify, Netflix and other audio-visual services, the subscription system has gradually changed the consumption pattern, and the main “game subscription” that can play hundreds of works, such as Microsoft Xbox Game Pass, Apple Arcade, has attracted more and more attention, in addition to attracting Japanese masterpieces. In addition to its appeal, the former was included in 20 new titles of the game maker Bethesda in March, and its subscribers were nearly 30% higher than the same period last year. In the middle of last month, Sony’s own “MLB The Show 21” was poached, which further heated the topic. “Apple News” took advantage of this craze to exclusively interview Taiwan’s Microsoft, and obtained the Xbox Game Pass March Hot Game Ranking, revealing the development trend of game subscriptions for readers.

Subscription system is another channel of game consumption. As long as you pay monthly and annual fees, you can play the most games within the period of use. Just turn on the Internet, choose a game you want to play, and start playing after downloading. The traditional “buy only if you want to play” consumption method. Tang Huiru, editor-in-chief of game website 4Gamers, said: “In the case of home game consoles, the epidemic has indeed delayed many highly anticipated 3A games. It may not be until 2022 that a large wave of next-generation games will be launched, and the subscription system is at this time. It fills the gap that players are waiting for. Therefore, Microsoft has recently attached great importance to adding Xbox Game Pass to the game lineup.”

Microsoft’s specific actions include the completion of the acquisition of game publisher Zenimax Media (which owns Bethesda and other studios) in March of this year, and its well-known series such as “Doom”, “The Elder Scrolls”, “Remains of Dust” and “German Headquarters”, etc. , A total of 20 games have officially joined its own subscription service. In April, Sony’s first-party San Diego studio’s new baseball game “MLB The Show 21” (Major League Baseball 21) debuted on Xbox Game Pass, filling the Xbox platform’s lack of a major baseball game.

The subscription system has a high degree of adhesion.

The number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers worldwide has grown steadily from 15 million in September last year to 18 million in January this year. Taiwan’s Microsoft Consumer Channel and Device Business Group Xbox Product Marketing Manager Xu Hongwei shared with Apple News that compared with last year’s monthly increase of 5%, Taiwan’s Xbox Game Pass subscribers in March this year increased by nearly 30% compared to the same period last year. The time when Bethesda, a major game company acquired by Microsoft, joined, shows that the game options have become more and more extensive, which is obviously more attractive to players.

According to Taiwan’s Microsoft observation, the proportion of new players who have joined the Xbox next-generation camp since November last year is twice that of the world. In the past, Xbox, which was nicknamed “Car Gun Ball” host, has invested a lot of resources in Japanese games since this generation, including classic role-playing (RPG) games “Dragon in Man”, “Dragon Quest”, etc., have joined Xbox one after another. Game Pass is the main reason. Xu Hongwei also shared that Xbox Series X/S console players have an adhesion of nearly 80% to Xbox Game Pass, showing that the subscription system has indeed hit the pain points of players and successfully changed the past consumption patterns.

So what are these subscribers playing? “Apple News” exclusively obtained the “Taiwan March Xbox Game Pass Hot Game Ranking” from Taiwan Microsoft. For the console platform, the racing masterpiece “Forza Horizon 4” has been the champion. In the past 5 months, only Once dropped to number two, “NBA 2K21” and “Forked Traveler”, which joined Xbox Game Pass in March, also ranked second and third respectively. Microsoft’s home game has 4 places in the top 10, and the Japanese manufacturer SQUARE ENIX has 3 models. The game is on the list.

Old games take the opportunity to resurrect independent works to be seen

In terms of playing hours, the newly added “NBA 2K21” airborne champion in March, “Dragon Quest XI S Decisive Edition” is closely behind. What’s more special is that among the top 20, there are only 4 of the “Dragon in Man” series on the list, and Bethesda’s “Legend of Dust 76” and “The Elder Scrolls V Special Edition” have also risen several places. (Ranked 10th and 14th), it shows the interesting phenomenon that old games come back to life after joining Xbox Game Pass, and players start to play up again.

Although the ranking list in April has not yet been released, it is foreseeable that “MLB The Show 21” will attract many players as early adopters. After successfully poaching this baseball masterpiece, plus a strategy with EA’s subscription service EA Play In cooperation, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has realized the “Ball Game Mastery”. This series of operations allows Microsoft to hold 4 popular sports games-“FIFA” representing football, “Madden NFL” for American football, basketball “NBA 2K” and “MLB The Show” for baseball, as well as “NHL” representing ice hockey. “, quite diverse.

Xbox Game Pass is not only about masterpieces and old games. Indie games also have the opportunity to be seen by more people because of this platform. For example, “Carto”, developed by the Taiwanese team Sunhead Games and launched on October 26 last year, was launched every other month. Ranked 11th in Taiwan’s popular game rankings. Xbox Game Pass has increased the number of players that the game can reach, especially new players who are eager to try, but only fun games can be left to play, and they still have to face fierce competition.

As for Sony in the next room, there is PlayStation Now, a subscription-based cloud game service that was originally created to solve backward compatibility. Players can stream more than 700 old-generation games at 1080p resolution on PS4, PS5 or PC (to PS2) works, there will be games added every month, but there is also a time limit in the game library. The implementation of PlayStation Now is slow. As of April last year, there were only 2.2 million subscribers worldwide, and it has not yet appeared.

4Gamers editor-in-chief Tang Huiru analyzed that the subscription system focuses on “content.” Microsoft is currently using studio purchases and cross-company cooperation (such as EA Play) to increase its game library. “Microsoft is trying to transform Xbox from a brand into a platform to operate. I saw that it invited Sony’s “MLB The Show 21″ to join the Xbox Game Pass ranks. At this point in time, if it breaks out of the branded console wars and runs on a platform, it can get to the subscription system it really wants.” She also pointed out the current shortcomings of Xbox Game Pass. First, the lineup is still dominated by early Xbox games, and the number of new masterpieces needs to be strengthened. Secondly, the support for traditional Chinese subtitles. Some old games are put directly on, optimization and improvement. space. (Liao Jiabao/Comprehensive Report)


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