(Exclusive) Choi In-geun, the eldest son, also submitted a petition to the appellate court of the ‘SK divorce case’.

It was confirmed that Choi Min-jeong, the second daughter of Director Noh So-young and Chairman Chey Tae- won, and Choi In-geun, the youngest son, also submitted a petition to the court responsible for hearing the appeal in the SK Group divorce case.

Summarizing the attention of the legal newspaper on the 16th, Choi, the youngest child of Chairman Choi and Director Noh, submitted a petition containing a petition to the 2nd housekeeping department of the Seoul High Court (Presiding Judge Kim Si-cheol and Judges of the High Kang Sang-wook and Lee Dong-hyun’s court) on the 16th.

Choi joined Brown University in the United States in 2014, majoring in physics, completed an internship at Boston Consulting Group, a global consulting firm, and worked in the SK E&S Strategic Planning Team.

Regarding joining Choi SK E&S, in the world of business, there was an analysis that the unlisted associate quietly began to give management classes to the successor in leading the group’s eco-friendly business in the future.

It is also not known what details Choi has included in the petition.

On the 15th, a day earlier, Choi Min-jeong, the second daughter of President Choi and Director Roh, also submitted a petition to the court, including a complaint.

On December 6, 2022, at the time, the 2nd Housekeeping Department of the Seoul Family Court (Judge Kim Hyun-jung, chief judge), said, “Chairman Choi and Director Roh are getting divorced,” part of the plaintiff in a lawsuit filed. by Director Roh against Chairman Choi for divorce, alimony, and division of property.

The judge said, “Chairman Choi should pay Director Roh 100 million won in alimony and 66.5 billion won in the property division.” The divorce case filed by Chairman Choi against Director Roh (main lawsuit) was dismissed.

The court ruled that the shares of SK Holdings should be excluded from the property section as the exclusive property of Chairman Chey Tae-win. At the same time, business property may be subject to property subdivision only on the basis of indirect contributions such as housework, etc., as a person other than the manager or owner, and the existence and operation of a company or business entity another that exists independently is a confidential and private dispute between husband and wife It is known that there is a risk of being influenced by the situation, and that there is concern that there will be excessive economic influence on other interested parties.


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