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Exclusive interview丨Xu Anhua first positive response to the controversy caused by “First Incense”-Xinmin.com

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Exclusive interview丨Xu Anhua’s first positive response to the controversy caused by “The First Incense”Fly into the homes of ordinary people

Wang Anyi (left) and Xu Anhua

Since the announcement of the cast more than two years ago, the controversy surrounding the film “The First Incense” has been endless. After the official release on October 22, ridicule, ridicule, or sharp criticism came even more. However, “First Burning Incense” has no pre-screening road show, nor post-screening interpretation, and it has almost always responded to disputes with silence. Until last night, director Xu Anhua and screenwriter Wang Anyi appeared in the “Private Movie Viewing Meeting of “The First Incense” in Shanghai” to discuss the team’s work and fans’ doubts.

On the stage, Xu Anhua said to the audience the first sentence: “I hope you like it, you don’t like it, it’s okay.” When she stepped off the stage, she sat side by side with Wang Anyi and accepted an exclusive interview with the Evening News. She said: ” In fact, I accept all the criticisms. We must accept everything on the screen now, including why Ma Sichun’s state is not good, I just don’t think it is necessary to explain them one by one.”

Ma Sichun is not a related household

Although she didn’t want to explain one by one, Xu Anhua took the initiative to clarify without waiting for reporters’ questions. “July and Ansheng” won the Golden Horse Award for Best Actress because of the support of the chairman of the jury, Xu Anhua), and said that I have a good relationship with her family, and this time Ma Sichun was used.” Xu Anhua said sternly, “I am I have never used an actor because of my personal relationship, nor because I like a person. Maybe I will use the wrong actor, maybe I think she is suitable, but in fact she is not very suitable for this role. This is a judgement Error, not a bottom-line error. So, I have to clarify.”

Ma Sichun role poster

As for Ma Sichun’s performance, the director said frankly: “When I chose her, of course I hope she can perform better than now. But if you ask me about her later performance, I think it’s quite satisfactory.” A little bit of her emotions, Xu Anhua said although I was surprised that so many viewers were so dissatisfied and didn’t buy it. “But it’s a very good thing for everyone to express their opinions freely and discuss a movie.” She said that she must think about it carefully, “Literature When it comes to film adaptation, what must be done to satisfy most of the audience.”

Wang Anyi didn’t shake the pot

There is one more thing that made Xu Anhua a little angry: “Many people said that An Yi was interviewing “Southern Weekend” as the director of the “won the pot”. I want to clarify that everything she said was what we said. If she has no intention of throwing the pot at all, right?” After she said, she looked at her partner and partners around her, and everyone laughed. Wang Anyi, who usually doesn’t use WeChat, also saw some sharp comments that were particularly “violent” this time. She said that she would be a little bit unhappy, “I feel misunderstood, but on the other hand I also find it very lively. I am writing a novel. It’s hard to get real feedback from readers when it’s written, and the (comments) published are generally good things. I have been saying good things to others since I was young, so I think I might owe everyone a scolding.” After finishing, everyone He laughed again.

Xu Anhua (Part 1) and Wang Anyi

That night, Xu Anhua, 74, and Wang Anyi, 67, both wore white shirts tacitly, one with a small satchel and the other with a long skirt. They were as youthful as girls. The old friend took out his mobile phone to take a selfie as soon as they met. Before the interview, the two ate authentic local dishes together. Between them, they probably wouldn’t be willing to “flick the pot” with each other. Wang Anyi even said emotionally before the end of the interview: “This movie has been difficult along the way. I know that I very much hope that more people will come into the cinema to watch it. It is very special and worth seeing. “

I made the English title

The most controversial part of the adaptation of “The First Incense” is that the film condenses the barrenness and desolation of the chaos in the novel into a relatively crude love story. Even when the film was released, the slogan was “For Love Not an anniversary”. For this, Xu Anhua also said: “If we want to photograph their depravity and the darkness of society, it is a bit difficult and old-fashioned. Then, we take the initiative to shoot a love story.” She said somewhat unconvinced. “Furthermore, if the original novel does not have this love story, there will be no backbone. It has a critical part of society or humanity, but it is through this love story (presented).”

Movie poster

The English title of this love story “Love After Love” was created by Xu Anhua herself. “I made a reservation before going to the Venice Film Festival.” She confessed to the Evening News herself. “Love After Love” is an English poem by Derek Walcott, winner of the 1992 Nobel Prize in Literature and 2011 Eliot Prize. It explores what happens when a person is free from desperate love. You should have the right attitude, love will cover people’s eyes, while being broken in love gives people a “painful” opportunity to know and fall in love with themselves again.

Make a movie but with love

39 years ago, Xu Anhua reached the first peak of his personal directing career because of the filming of the classic Hong Kong New Wave film “Death to the Wrath.” The investor in “To the Wrath Sea” is the Jade Bird Film Production Co., Ltd. founded by the legendary actress Xia Meng, known as the “Princess of the Great Wall”. Five years ago, with the consent of Xia Meng himself, Liu Ren, a junior friend, established Jade Bird Pictures (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai. Jade Bird (Shanghai)’s first work was exactly what Xia Meng failed to achieve in the past. “. In most media reports, it was because of Xia Meng that Xu Anhua agreed to be the producer of the film after receiving Liu Ren’s invitation. Regarding the argument of “returning favor”, and even whether it would take courage to adapt “First Incense” after “Love in the Fallen City” and “Half Life”, Xu Anhua said: “I never thought that it would take a lot of courage. I went to do something, to make a movie, just because this thing, this story, attracted me, I went.” (Xinmin Evening News Chief Correspondent Sun Jiayin)

Reporter’s notes on a 74-year-old girl

One week after the release, the box office of “First Burning Incense” was less than 50 million, and the Douban scored 5.5 points. I am really sorry for Wada Emi’s clothing, I am sorry for Du Kefeng’s photography, I am sorry for Sakamoto Ryuichi’s music, and even I am sorry for the famous cultural scholar Xu Zidong’s “Glimpse” Cameo.

In the face of the turbulent controversy, Xu Anhua exaggeratedly said, “I am surprised”, and seriously replied: “But I am not angry, nor feel unfair.” She just said several times in the interview, “We have to think. The question is, why is it so, and how we can do it in the future, will it be better.”

Poster of “The First Incense”

It turns out that for a 74-year-old female director who has been making films for more than 40 years, has a lot of works and honors, and has even won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Venice International Film Festival, facing a terrible reputation and an almost foreseeable failure, she thinks The most frequent one is “later”.

She said that she is really not a big director, “I hope to be one of them before I die, but I am not yet. Because I don’t know how to do other things, I can only continue to make movies.” She is already thinking about the movie. Whether the lines should be so faithful to the original text of the novel; when thinking about inserting some black humor, is it necessary to “raise” the audience more clearly. She said: “In some places, now everyone is laughing in the cinema. I think we didn’t write it well. In fact, we are special. I just think that literary and artistic films can also laugh, comedies can cry, and movies should not be typed.’ Be trapped’.” At the age of 74, Xu Anhua’s love for movies is the same as before, “I still want to have something new in every movie.” (Sun Jiayin)

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