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Cai Weixin Correspondent / Taipei Report

▲ Wu Zongxian (right) with his son recently welcomed Lu Xipai. (Photo/Data Room)

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It was reported that Wu Zongxian’s (Xiange) son Lu Xipai (Wu Ruixuan) broke up with his long-time girlfriend Madou “Shui’er” in August last year. Now, 7 months later, Lu Xipai was open to have a new girlfriend, the object was Ms. Zhang, who had a lawsuit with the actor Lin Yaosheng last year due to domestic violence, and she is also the sister of the Internet celebrity Zhang Xier, which is surprising.

Readers broke the news to “Sanli News Network” that Lu Xipai has been interacting closely with Ms. Zhang recently, and the two are tired of being together almost every day It is understood that the two have been introduced through green tea. The budding love affair.

▲ Lin Yaosheng just recorded Wu Zongxian’s program last month to talk about the storm of domestic violence when he broke up with Ms Zhang. (Photo/Data Room)

What’s interesting is that Lin Yaosheng just recorded Wu Zongxian’s “Little Celebrity Follower” program last month to talk about his breakup with Ms. Zhang’s domestic violence. Later, both of them went to court and were prosecuted for the offense of injury. Lin Yaosheng also accused Ms Zhang of constantly cheating the show. During the relationship, she went out with different guys and even had a husband and child in the US. Lost.”

Unexpectedly, his son Lu Xipai’s new girlfriend is Ms Zhang. The reporter asked Wu Zongxian to confirm. He said he asked Lu Xipai, “My son said he is single. Where did you hear that?” Did the son know or pursue Ms. Zhang? ? Wu Zongxian said: “You ask me, I found out about this, can you give me some time to understand?” It seems he still doesn’t know the current status of his son’s relationship.

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