Exclusive-Shenhua Seaport begins preparations for post-holiday travel and enters the Dalian Division ahead of schedule for medical isolation_Shanghai_epidemic prevention_season

Original title: Exclusive-Shenhua Seaport began preparations for post-holiday travel and entered the Dalian competition area for medical isolation in advance

Although the start time of the Chinese Super League has not yet been determined, the two Shanghai teams have made new progress in their next preparation plans. It is reported that Shenhua and Haigang are expected to apply for a coordinated route after the May 1st Labor Day and charter a flight to Dalian to enter the competition area ahead of schedule. Accept the quarantine to prepare for the start of the new season of the Chinese Super League. If all goes well, it is expected that the two teams will officially leave Shanghai on May 7/8.

At present, Shenhua is still intensively training at the Cambridge Base, and Shanghai Haigang, which has been suspended for more than a month, has also started to concentrate in a hotel in Shanghai to prepare for the new season. This season, the Chinese Super League will be divided into three divisions. The first stage of the league is expected to be held in Dalian, Meizhou and Shandong Rizhao. Earlier it was reported that Shenhua and Haigang would be divided into the Dalian division at the same time to complete the first stage of the Chinese Super League.

The Chinese Football Federation has also been worried about the travel and transshipment of the Shenhua and Haigang teams. As the epidemic situation in Shanghai gradually improves, the Shenhua and Haigang teams are expected to apply for coordinated routes after the May Day and charter flights in the form of closed-loop transshipment. Go to the Dalian competition area, first close the epidemic prevention and quarantine in advance according to the regulations, and wait for the final confirmation of the new season Chinese Super League competition area and schedule. If all goes well, this season’s Chinese Super League is expected to officially start at the end of May and early June.

However, the trip between Shenhua and Haigang still needs the approval of Shanghai, Dalian CDC and civil aviation departments, which may take a certain amount of time, including the confirmation of Shanghai CDC and Dalian CDC, and civil aviation can apply for charter flight routes, Shenhua and Haigang. In order to start from Shanghai smoothly, the entire transfer process will refer to the successful models of the AFC and Winter Olympics, and adopt a complete closed-loop management to ensure that the epidemic prevention work is foolproof. (Sohu Sports Pei Li)Return to Sohu, see more


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