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[Epoch Times, January 11, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Long Tengyun reported) Around the New Year in 2022, one pregnant woman was blocked outside the hospital, watching helplessly as the fetus in her womb lost forever the chance to see her mother. Chance. One critically ill patient after another was cut off from the road of survival, saying goodbye to their families in the cold and pain.

These lost lives are just a microcosm of the CCP’s campaign-style epidemic prevention in Xi’an. The latest epidemic prevention documents from Shaanxi Province obtained by The Epoch Times revealed the unknown cold side of the Beijing Winter Olympics. That is, the lives lost by extreme epidemic prevention measures are just victims of the CCP’s protection of the “big picture” of the Winter Olympics. .

On January 4, 2022, a netizen in Xi’an “A has rain and sunny days” posted on Weibo about his experience of miscarriage due to epidemic prevention. (web screenshot)

One of the Xi’an netizens who lost their child before the New Year recently posted on Weibo that the couple had already named their child, but they were rejected by the hospital because they lived in the “closed area”. Day lost a child she had yet to meet.

The former pregnant woman said on Weibo that she “understands the difficulty of fighting the epidemic” and that “it may be the life of ordinary people.” But she may never know that her tragedy is related to the authorities’ upcoming Winter Olympics.

So far, Xi’an, the epicentre of a new wave of outbreaks in mainland China, has not announced any deaths from the virus. However, the Internet and the media have reported many deaths or miscarriages as a result of the authorities’ anti-epidemic campaign.

Xi’an epidemic prevention documents leaked: the CCP cares about the “big picture” of the Winter Olympics, regardless of the life and death of the people

In the past few weeks, the citizens of Xi’an have experienced too many similar tragedies. The Chinese Communist Party’s Xi’an Municipal Health Commission recently issued a rare “apology” to one of the pregnant women who had miscarried. The secretary of the Shaanxi provincial party committee and governor also stated on January 6 that they should “care about the masses”.

However, the epidemic prevention documents in Shaanxi Province obtained by The Epoch Times confirmed that the CCP’s statement of “caring about the masses” is just as unreliable as its epidemic data; because the epidemic prevention instructions communicated internally by the authorities were that “the Winter Olympics will be held soon,” and not “to the overall situation of the whole country.” Adding chaos and smearing the country’s image”, it is necessary to “urgently” “enter a wartime state” and “resolutely win the battle to prevent and control the epidemic.”

On December 26, 2021, the Xi’an Epidemic Prevention Headquarters forwarded the speech delivered by Shaanxi Governor Zhao Yide at the epidemic prevention and control scheduling meeting on December 24.

Screenshot of Shaanxi Governor Zhao Yide’s speech on epidemic prevention on December 24 (Epoch Times)

In his speech, Zhao Yide emphasized that “the Winter Olympics will be held soon,” and that if the epidemic in Shaanxi Province spills over again, it will “add chaos to the overall situation of the country and discredit the country’s image.”

In his speech of about 5,300 words, Zhao Yide mentioned only 3 sentences about people’s livelihood, and it was only about the guarantee of living materials, and the purpose was also to ensure “overall stability”; , Zhao Yide said nothing.

The epidemic prevention instructions conveyed by Zhao Yide in his speech are mainly for the deployment and implementation of extreme epidemic prevention policies such as “strict and strict”, “comprehensive consolidation”, “serious accountability”, and “blocking the chain of transmission with the toughest measures”. arrange.

On December 26, 2021, the Xi’an Epidemic Prevention Headquarters forwarded the approval form for the Shaanxi Governor’s Epidemic Prevention Speech. (Epoch Times)

The Xi’an Municipal Government specifically requested in the approval form to “return the originals” to the confidential room.

The Xi’an Municipal Government of the Communist Party of China began to close the city on December 23 and implemented compulsory epidemic prevention. Since December 27, the epidemic prevention measures have been comprehensively upgraded. Citizens have been blocked at home, and basic services such as food and medical care have been almost interrupted. The Internet is full of mourning and calls for help.

The epidemic data released by the CCP, including the number of deaths, has been questioned by the international community. For example, George Calhoun, a top data analyst in the United States and director of the quantitative finance program at Stevens Institute of Technology, wrote in Forbes a few days ago that the death rate of COVID-19 in the United States is eight times higher than the official data announced by the Chinese Communist Party. Hundred times, this shows that the CCP’s official report is obviously not credible.

Analysis: Who is responsible for the lives lost by the extreme epidemic prevention in Xi’an

According to the official epidemic report of the Shaanxi Provincial Health and Health Commission of the Communist Party of China, since the month from December 9, 2021 to January 9, 2022, no deaths have been reported in the province.

However, the official epidemic data obviously did not count the recent deaths related to the epidemic in Xi’an. From the children who are about to be born, to the relatives and elders who were originally reunited with their families or enjoyed family happiness, they have all been “cleared” by the authorities.

Responsibility for these deaths is also being cleared by the authorities.

According to public reports from Lu media, as of now, some employees of Xi’an High-tech Hospital have been punished by the authorities. Liu Shunzhi, director of Xi’an Municipal Health and Health Commission, and Li Qiang, deputy secretary and director of the Party branch of Xi’an Emergency Center, have been warned by the party. Xi’an Big Data Resource Management Liu Jun, secretary of the party group and director of the bureau, was suspended for inspection.

However, according to the public feedback on the Internet from Xi’an citizens who have lost loved ones, it is not only a private hospital in Xi’an Gaoxin that refuses to rescue people on the grounds of epidemic prevention. Other state-run hospitals also refused many people who asked for help. There have been no public reports of any state-run hospitals being held accountable by the authorities.

As of this writing, the Xi’an health system and other party and government officials have not been further held accountable. The CCP’s internal documents obtained by The Epoch Times show that the Xi’an Municipal Health Commission is not the maker of epidemic prevention and control policies, but only the implementer of extreme epidemic prevention measures.

At present, the only person suspected of losing his post due to the death of Xi’an epidemic prevention is Liu Jun, director of Xi’an Big Data Resources Administration. The official reason given was “insufficient performance of duties”, but Lu Media said that it may be related to the collapse of the “One Code Pass” of the Xi’an Health Code System.

Recently, a document purported to be “Xi’an Big Data Resources Administration (Summary) 2020 Departmental Final Accounts” has been leaked on the Internet in mainland China.

Beijing-based “Duoweiwang”, which is regarded as the CCP’s major propaganda, issued an article on January 7 saying that, according to documents transmitted on the Internet, Xi’an Yimatong, which spent more than 25 million yuan in 2020, could not cope with the health care without technical difficulties. code project, causing the system to crash twice and affecting local nucleic acid testing. also said that Liu Jun, the suspended director of the Xi’an Big Data Resources Administration, had been a propaganda system official before, and seemed to suggest that the incompetent director could be a suitable person to take charge of this Xi’an public grievance.

A report on the 21st Century Business Herald by Guangdong’s official media on January 6 revealed that Xi’an’s “Yi Ma Tong” was the Xi’an government’s refusal to use Tencent and Alibaba’s free services, and instead commissioned Xi’an Telecom as the general contractor to build it. become.

The Shanghai official media “The Paper” reported on “Xi’an Yimatong and its subcontracting companies” on January 9, which corroborated some of the contents of the online documents quoted by; ” background, and its performance in this round of epidemic.

The Epoch Times political commentator Li Linyi said, “The official media and big foreign propaganda should be leading the way, trying to find a culprit for this man-made disaster in Xi’an. At present, the Xi’an Big Data Administration and the former director Liu Jun may have been pushed out by the Xi’an city government as a punching bag for the common people to vent their grievances.” “However, the Chinese people are no longer the ones who can be fooled by the party at will, so the mother who lost her child said, “The common people have a low life.” one”.”

He said that the internal documents exposed by The Epoch Times also confirmed that the Shaanxi provincial government was in essence issuing orders not to disrupt the Winter Olympics as the highest political requirement. “When the CCP pushes extreme anti-epidemic measures, it takes the party’s face into consideration, and doesn’t care about the life and death of the people at all,” he said. “So the CCP is the culprit.”

The CCP strives to ensure the supply of agricultural products for the Winter Olympics and ignores the lack of food for Xi’an citizens

On December 29, 2021, citizens of Xi’an called for help on social media, saying “I haven’t eaten for two days”. (webpage Screenshot)

On December 28, 2021, the sixth day of Xi’an’s closure, when many citizens were calling for help on the Internet “starving to death” and “where to buy vegetables”, the Xi’an Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued “On Strengthening Epidemic Prevention and Control and “” “Notice on the Quality and Safety Work of Agricultural Products during the Two Festivals”.

On December 28, 2021, the Xi’an Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued a “Notice” requesting to ensure the supply of agricultural products to the Winter Olympics. (Epoch Times)

The document stated that “New Year’s Day, Spring Festival and Winter Olympics will be ushered in during the epidemic prevention and control period, and the supply and demand of agricultural products will be booming.” ”, arrangements have been made to further strengthen the supervision of the quality and safety of agricultural products.

The document obtained by The Epoch Times shows that the Xi’an municipal government has proposed “strictly controlling the supply base for the Winter Olympics”, requiring “Zhouzhi County Agriculture and Rural Bureau to implement special personnel to carry out on-site supervision”, and quantitative testing must be carried out before leaving the warehouse. Only then can we supply the Winter Olympics.”

The Xi’an Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said in the document that it would “strengthen the dynamic monitoring of public opinion information during the Winter Olympics and the “Double Festival” to “reduce negative impacts.” (Epoch Times)

It is worth mentioning that the Xi’an Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs stated in the document that it will “strengthen the dynamic monitoring of public opinion information during the Winter Olympics and the “Double Festival”, strictly control public opinion, and “reduce negative impacts.”

On January 9, 2022, a netizen called for help for his boyfriend who was trapped in Xi’an, out of ammunition and food. (web screenshot)

Since the closure of the city on December 23, 2021, the Xi’an Municipal Government of the Communist Party of China has continuously upgraded the level of prevention and control, implemented the strictest social control measures, and sealed the people in their communities and homes. A large number of citizens posted messages on the Internet calling for help, reflecting that it was difficult to eat and buy groceries.

Li Linyi said that the guarantee for the supply of agricultural products for the Winter Olympics leaked in the documents of Xi’an is in stark contrast to the living plight of Xi’an citizens who are struggling to buy vegetables, “Even at the most severe moment of the epidemic, the Communist Party still only considers it The so-called overall situation of the Winter Olympics, completely disregarding the tragic situation that the local people are dying of starvation and have no food to eat.”

“In essence, the CCP’s epidemic prevention is not for the lives and health of the people, but against humanity. It is an alternative way of maintaining stability at the cost of trampling on the lives and dignity of the Chinese people,” he concluded.

The Beijing Winter Olympics will be held from February 4 to February 20, 2022. In view of the CCP’s vicious human rights violations, many countries in Europe and the United States have expressed their diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

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