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Mr. Huang (43 years old) who lives in Yunlin, after the death of his mother, could have inherited the relevant property with his half-siblings, but because the Banqiao Post Office did not review the tax payment certificate of the IRS as required (it will indicate There are several heirs), so his two half-brothers and sisters have withdrawn the mother’s nearly 2 million yuan in deposits. Mr. Huang responded to the post office through various channels, but the post office, which was obviously negligent, only replied “please ask Huang man to coordinate with his younger siblings.” It was not until half a year after the incident that Mr. Huang complained to the “Apple News.” After a reporter asked the post office, the post office did not know how to allow his younger brothers and sisters to remit relevant funds to Mr. Huang. The entire process was obviously negligent.

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Mr. Huang, who lives in Yunlin, his mother remarried and gave birth to a pair of children. They lived in Banqiao District, New Taipei City for many years, and the mother and son did not communicate often. Mr. Huang’s mother died of cancer in May this year, but it was not until early July that half-brothers and sisters surnamed Zheng went to Yunlin to inform Huang Nan that his mother had passed away.

However, Huang Nan had never met because he was working outside. Later, his younger brothers and sisters only left a message saying that his mother had a lot of debt due to cancer treatment during his lifetime, and hoped that Huang Nan would give up related inheritance to avoid the need to share the debt. After Huang Nan learned about the financial situation of his biological mother, and to see if he could help in repaying the debt, he went to the IRS to apply for an inheritance certificate in mid-July after obtaining relevant documents. He unexpectedly discovered the property and land left by his mother. The market price is nearly 10 million yuan, and the post office has a deposit of more than 2 million yuan, and there is no debt. He would be puzzled by saying this to his younger brothers and sisters who rarely meet.

After mid-July, Mr. Huang will go to the Douliu Post Office in Yunlin to check the inheritance method and status of the deposit. The Douliu Post Office stated that it needs to have the IRS inheritance tax payment certificate, and all heirs must be present before the deceased can be accounted. The deposit is withdrawn from the account.

Mr. Huang felt that since these procedures were needed, he would wait until his younger siblings approached him again to coordinate and deal with it. However, he did not expect that in early October, when Mr. Huang went to the post office to change the financial card, he asked the post office staff and his mother’s deposits about the current situation. It was shocking to discover that his mother’s savings had been withdrawn by his younger siblings at the Banqiao Gangwei Post Office as early as August 7, which shocked Huang Nan.

Mr. Huang went home and took the tax payment certificate from the IRS, and applied to the post office for the relevant documents for his younger brothers and sisters to take the deposit. He found that the Yunlin Douliu Post Office was true, but he did not know why Banqiao Gangwei Post Office was so hasty.

Mr. Huang went to the Itabashi Gangwei Post Office to find out what happened. Later, he received a call from the post office staff saying that the deposit had been taken away by his younger siblings. “Mr. Huang, please coordinate the distribution with his younger siblings.” Mr. Huang found it incredible at the moment. He doubted that the post office had no checkpoints that caused the problem. How could he, a person with impaired rights, deal with it by himself?

Later, Mr. Huang went to the civil representative and a lawyer to ask the post office to explain the ins and outs of the matter, but he did not receive a positive response, so he had to fight a civil lawsuit before he could get back his mother’s post office deposit. Mr. Huang had no choice but to complain to Apple News. When asked by a reporter from Apple News, the Banqiao Post Office actually ridiculed the relevant documents taken by Huang Nan’s younger brother and sister, and was unable to let the post office know that there was another payee. His half-brother said that the post office could not inquire about relevant personal information.

Unexpectedly, after “Apple News” asked about the situation of the case, the Banqiao Post Office quickly notified Huang Nan in private that he had coordinated with Huang Nan’s younger brothers and sisters to withdraw the post office deposit inheritance and remit it to Huang Nan’s account. This weird approach made Huang Nan feel too exaggerated, thinking that Banqiao Post Office could not act so cheaply as required.

Mr. Huang said that the post office’s approach was really outrageous. Obviously, there were three heirs, but the Banqiao Minato Post Office allowed two of them to take it away. The post office operates so cheaply. Afterwards, he thought it would be enough to remedy it in this way. What should other people do when they encounter such a thing?

The Itabashi Post Office also bluntly stated that the relevant personnel of the Gangwei Post Office did not have any negligence in handling. The post office was unable to verify the tax payment certificate attached to the party due to the “Privacy Law”. The “tax payment certificate” provided by the sister at that time And the “household transcripts” showed that only the Zheng brothers could inherit, and there was no Mr. Huang, so the Zheng brothers were allowed to take it away. However, the “tax payment certificate” provided by Mr. Huang was jointly inherited by the three brothers and sisters. Compared with the “tax payment certificate” submitted by the sister Zheng from the Banqiao Post Office, there are only two people, which has a considerable gap. When “Apple News” asked why the two “Tax Payment Certificates” were obviously different, the post office only responded and could not understand; the IRS stated that there would be only one version of the inheritance tax payment certificate. If there are two versions, it means One of the versions is false, but the investigation can only be carried out after the parties raise questions.

Lawyer Liao Fangxuan said that with regard to the situation mentioned by Mr. Huang and the response of the post office and the IRS, if the tax payment certificate is forged by the tax filer, it may involve the crime of forging official documents under Article 211 of the Criminal Law, forging or altering official documents. Anyone who suffers full life damage to the public or others shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 1 year and not more than 7 years. If the post office or the IRS is negligent, you can apply to the government for national compensation. However, in the documents provided by Mr. Huang, the post office completely failed to review the tax payment certificate that the applicant must provide, which was obviously negligent. (Emergency Center Zhuang Qijun / Xinbei Report)

Preparing the necessary documents and handling methods for the inheritance of deposit books

Necessary documents:

1. Depositor’s death certificate (exempt for those who have indicated the date of death in the household register transcript)

2. Tax end (exemption) certificate (exempt for inheritance amount less than 200,000 yuan)

3. After the date of death of the depositor, a transcript of the household register that can be confirmed as all legal heirs and a transcript of the current household register of the heir will be issued.

Processing method:

1. All heirs should hold their national ID cards and seals before the counter.

2. If the heir is unable to handle the application in person at the counter, he must also attach a seal certificate issued by the household registration office within 3 months and a power of attorney with seal certificate.

3. If the deposit is less than 30,000 yuan, only the representative of the succession must check the household registration documents of sufficient funds to prove that he is the heir.

4. The representative of the succession shall hold the national identity card and seal to handle it at the counter, and add the concluding words “have obtained the consent of other heirs, and authorize my representative to apply for and receive the inheritance money” in the succession application form.

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