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[Exclusive]Rare! Hornets actually eat human flesh, stop the police’s ears and bite off a piece of skin in 5 minutes| Apple News Network| Apple Daily

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After the autumn season, there were occasional hornet bees attacking climbers in the wild, but a rare case of hornet cannibalism occurred in Deji Reservoir in Taichung City! When Zhang Wenyong, the leader of the Deji team of the Baoer Corps, went to work on the 5th, he encountered a wasp stopped on his left ear while inspecting the hall and refused to fly away. He was worried about being bitten, so he moved carefully to the toilet and let it stay. It took about 5 minutes to take the opportunity to kill, but a piece of epidermal tissue was bitten off the helix, and there was slight edema and bruise. Huang Shansong, an otolaryngologist who has been practicing for 25 years, said that he has never received a case of a wasp biting human flesh in the clinic. It is a strange anecdote to admire Zhang’s calmness. Zhang Wei, head of the Natural Ecological Conservation Section of the Miao County Government, said that he has never heard of a case of wasp biting and not stinging.

Shi Zhengren, honorary teacher of the Department of Insectology at National Taiwan University, said that cases of wasp biting human flesh are very rare. It may be that the food source is insufficient after winter. In order to raise young bees, he happened to meet this police officer who did not dare to move. , Mistakenly treat ears as other insects, bite the epidermis into flesh masses and carry them back to the hive to feed the next generation.

Zhang Wenyong said in an exclusive telephone interview with “Apple News” that he was on duty in the Deji team at 8 o’clock in the morning and walked to the nearby suspension bridge. As a result, there was a buzzing in his ears, vaguely feeling bigger than a bee. The judgment should be A wasp originally didn’t care about it, but it suddenly stopped at the ear canal of the left ear, and its tail pin was attached to the cheek, making it possible to sting at any time, making him afraid to wave and pat.

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Zhang Wenyong said that he felt it was beginning to bite the flesh of his ears, so he could only walk slowly back to the office. After entering the toilet, he calmly picked up the phone to take selfies and record videos. Finally, he carefully photographed the hornet with a towel. Of course, he finally broke it. Ten thousand corpses.

Zhang emphasized that yesterday he did not wear perfume, wear brightly colored clothes, and felt that he had no allergies such as redness and swelling. Today, he was on vacation as originally planned and took a tour bus with friends early in the morning.

Late last night Zhang Wenyong gave the title “I was bitten by a wasp, not stinged! And it’s so exaggerated, I didn’t dare to chase it. I was bitten by it for 5 minutes and ate a large piece of my meat.” The image was put on a personal face. The book immediately drew a series of exclaimed responses from relatives and friends, calling out: “The Hornets and you are very exaggerated! You are very brave and painful!?”, “The vaccine the world was looking for was finally discovered by Brother Yong. “Some people even joked, “If you don’t twist flowers, you won’t be able to attract bees and butterflies. Does anyone tell you a joke against your ears and leave a fragrance in your ears????” A mountain-loving friend said, thank you It was Ji wasp who was not aggressive!

Huang Shansong, a physician at the “Shukang” Clinic of the Otolaryngology Department in Miaoli City, said he was incredible after seeing the video in the morning! What an anecdote. He said that in the past 25 years of practice, there has been no shortage of cases of stinging and swelling, and there has never been a case of not stinging but eating meat. After viewing the photos of the injury, Huang found Zhang Wenyong’s auricles on the auricle, a small piece of epidermal tissue was bitten off, and a little bit of edema and bruises, because the ear cartilage is hard, of course the hornet can’t bite it. It is recommended to continue to observe .

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The Miaoli County Fire Department pointed out that hornets like flowers and plants with bright colors and strong fragrance. People who go up the mountain should avoid wearing brightly colored clothes and perfume. If a single flying hornet is hovering around, stay calm and do not wave Actions such as hitting, shaking the head quickly, and leaving the scene calmly and stridingly as quickly as possible can reduce the risk of being attracted to bee swarms to attack bee stings. If a severe allergic reaction is caused by a wasp sting, it is advisable to send to the hospital as soon as possible. (Reported by Yang Yongsheng/Miaoli)

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