Exemption of 10% or more withholding tax… Maraefu 840,000 won, Hannam The Hill 7.09 million won↓

The lower disclosure rate is becoming a reality … How much will the property tax be next year?

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Maraefu and Eunma 2↓ houses won 6,690,000
Acro River, Eunma, Jamsil Jugong Complex 5
63% discount for 3 home owners, won more than 100 million
Multi-home people, the effect of progressive tax reduction is great

As the government tries to set holding tax (property tax + comprehensive real estate tax) at the 2020 level, next year’s holding tax is expected to fall by more than 10% from this year. It is analyzed that the reduction in withholding tax will focus on single and multi-household people who own expensive flats. In particular, for multi-household people with three or more houses, the official price of all owned houses is reduced, and the tax reduction effect due to the increased tax is large, so the holding tax by more than 50% compared. to the current one.

On the 23rd, Kyunghyang commissioned Shinmun Woo Byung-tak, head of the real estate team of Shinhan Bank WM Consulting Center, to analyze the change in ownership tax according to the revised plan. If this revised plan is implemented, it will decrease by He won 15.1% (7,091,885) to 39,796,769.

The 112.96㎡ unique area for Acro River Park in Seocho, Seoul will decrease by 18.3% (5,121,917 won) from 28,062,028 to 22,940,111 won. The holding tax for the exclusive 84㎡ area of ​​the nearby Raemian Firstige is also reduced by 17.9% to 14,537,063 won.

The exclusive area of ​​84㎡ for Mapo Raemian Prugio in Mapo-gu, Seoul, which is considered the largest apartment in the Gangbuk region, will decrease by 18.9% (843,944 won) from 4,458,225 won to 3,614,281 when the revised plan version is applied. The same apartment of 114.7㎡ is also expected to see an 18.6% reduction in ownership tax (1,102,262 won) from 5,916,624 won to 4,814,362 won. Even in the same complex, the higher the price of the apartment with the wider limited area, the greater the reduction in the holding tax.

The 84㎡ exclusive area for a hangar in Ichon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul decreased by 19.5% (1,330,455 won) from 6,803,711 won to 5,473,256 won.

Owners of two or more houses also received a large reduction in property tax. In the case of two houses with a unique area of ​​84㎡ for Mapo Raemian Prugio and 84㎡ for Eunma Apartment in Daechi-dong, next year’s ownership tax is 50,587,384 earned in the case of the current proposal, but when an improvement is applied, it is calculated that it decreases by 13.2% (6,698,593 won) to 43,888,791 won. This is lower than the withholding tax this year (53.58 million won).

84㎡ for Mapo Raemian Prugio and 84㎡ for Jukdong Prugio, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 2 houses a decrease of 11.6% (1,462,824 won) from 12,535,631 won to 11,072,807 won.

In some cases, there has been a reduction of more than 60% in the ownership tax for owners of three or more houses. If you own 112.96㎡ for Acro River Park, 84㎡ for Eunma, and 3 houses of 82㎡ for Jamsil Jugong Complex 5, your ownership tax will be reduced by 63.8% (103,91738 won) from 157,193,577 won to 51,839, won. As the reduction in the final real estate tax increased significantly, the overall reduction in the withholding tax also increased.

news/2022/11/23/l_2022112401001205200098463.webp" loading="lazy">On the 23rd, at the Gangnam Post Office in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, workers sort out the comprehensive real estate tax bill for housing in 2022 sent by the National Tax Service.  Reporter Moon Jae-won

On the 23rd, at the Gangnam Post Office in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, workers sort out the comprehensive real estate tax bill for housing in 2022 sent by the National Tax Service. Reporter Moon Jae-won

The property tax simulation was calculated based on a fair market value ratio of 45% for property tax. If you own 84㎡ for Mapo Raemian Prugio, 84㎡ for Eunma, and 84㎡ for Jukdong Prugio in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, your ownership tax decreased by 12.8% (6,895,436 won) from 53,612,863 won to 74,6,3 won.

Woo Byung-tak, a team leader, said, “There were some complexes with or without the current actual transaction price due to the transaction cliff, so it was difficult to estimate the market price on January 1, 2023.” There may be a difference as a result of the holding tax,” he explained.

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