Exhibitors outside WeHo City Claim Freedom Freedom for Britney Spears

Exhibitors outside of Hollywood City Hall West are claiming Britney Spears to be released from a rehabilitation facility

Laurel Ed Buck Avenue, the gay white political donor who had two black men died at home, had more popular West Hollywood exhibitions in recent months. So, some residents were surprised that Britney Spears fans were clustered on the path outside West Hollywood City Hall keeping signs and singing “Free Britney.”

Apparently fans of pop stars were protesting with that rumor
she was being held against her will in a treatment facility by a council
her manager, Larry Rudolph. However, Billboard reported earlier this month
Spears checked herself in a 30 day rehabilitation program and she was also
struggling with her father's health problems.
In Instagram's post in January she revealed that her father was almost
that she died and that she was taking a trip to Las Vegas
February. People magazine reported that Spears had
one day was taken from the facility on Easter Sunday to accompany her

It is not clear why the protest occurred outside Hollywood City Hall West. However, many social media coverage was attracted by the protesters. They made signs that said “The Truth will be Free” and “Britney's Free.” The live was streamed live on YouTube.

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