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[Epoch Times December 01, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin comprehensive report) Korean popular boy group EXO member KAI (Kim Jong In) will carry his second mini album “Peaches” on November 30, the first anniversary of Solo debut Returning to the music scene, the work won the first place on the iTunes album charts in 58 countries and regions including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Poland, Brazil, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Cambodia, Chile, Egypt, Greece, and Thailand.

KAI held an online press conference on the day of the album’s release. EXO member SEHUN (Wu Shixun) served as the host. KAI said that the debut of Solo on November 30, a year ago, seemed like yesterday. It has been a year, which made him feel a lot. KAI stated that the release of this new album on the same day was not deliberately planned. It just took a lot of time to prepare. He is very happy to return to the music world after a year, and I hope everyone looks forward to his appearance this time different from the past. .

KAI (Kim Jong In), a member of the popular Korean boy group EXO, attended the press conference for the second mini album “Peaches”. (Provided by avex taiwan)

He also mentioned that although there is a blank period for Solo events for one year, his schedule is full, and the album preparation process is constantly finding a compromise between “want to do” and “able to do”, “give up Although it is uncomfortable, fortunately, after coordination, the new look and the desired look are combined in a proper way.” Regarding the goal of the new album, KAI stated that he wanted to get a “cuteer than expected” image by showing a new look.

KAI said that the highlight of the new song “Peaches” is that the song, dance, and concept all show the image of peach to the maximum. He wants to show a sweet, kind and cute side, and strives to be very romantic and sweet. This time he is also During the MV production process, I will give my opinions to the stylist and the MV production team. KAI also stated that he learned a lot during the production of this album.

The album photo of the second mini album “Peaches” by KAI (Kim Jong In), a member of the popular Korean boy group EXO. (Provided by avex taiwan)

Regarding the upcoming personal online concert on December 12th, KAI frankly said that because it is a solo concert and held online, the preparation process was very difficult, but he also learned a lot from it. KAI also said that although there is not much time left in 2021, he will work hard in different fields. I hope everyone will look forward to it.

Last year, KAI, who was in tears from reading the fan letter during the album’s release commemorative live broadcast, was in tears because of reading the fan letter 17 minutes after the live broadcast was held one hour before the album’s release. . At the end, KAI proudly shouted to fans “I didn’t cry today”.

The album photo of the second mini album “Peaches” by KAI (Kim Jong In), a member of the popular Korean boy group EXO. (Provided by avex taiwan)

KAI’s second mini album “Peaches” was released digitally in Taiwan on November 30th simultaneously with South Korea. In addition to the title song “Peaches” of the same name, the album also includes “Vanilla”, “Domino”, “Come In” and “To Be Honest” And “Blue” a total of 6 songs.

In addition, KAI will hold its first solo online concert “Beyond LIVE #Cinema – KAI: KLoor” on December 12.

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