Expansion of Kovid in India: Expatriates in Oman Concerned | Expansion of covid in India: Expatriates in Oman worried

Muscat: Oman on the cusp of increasing number of code cases in India Concerns about expatriates, including expatriate Malays. In case of rising number of code cases, V from India Many people are worried about whether they will stop including mental services. Thorny. February for travelers from ten countries whose earlier coveted rates have risen It has been banned in Oman since the 25th. Countries such as Sudan, Brazil, Tanzania and Lebanon are listed. Lund. If the positive rates increase in India, the airline services Many are in a state of anxiety. Travel to India should be for the sole purpose of traveling. The Omani Embassy has issued a directive to its citizens on Monday. And FIG.

International insurance in Muscat due to the Corona crisis in March last year. The manure was closed. However, the Oman authorities have stated that the airport will not be closed. Whether air services from India will be banned or not? Many in T y. Psychiatry for many people who closed the airport last year The friction erupted. As part of the strict controls imposed by the Omani authorities Go home for more than a year if the manure is closing. The journey of those who are unable to do so will begin. Many expatriates unable to return home after the Covid crisis Don’t expect to celebrate Eid at home at the end of Ramadan They are the ones who make it. Many of those who were in Oman during the last year of the aviation service Suzuki was shocked when it started.

However, many have been delayed due to financial difficulties. It was getting late. Co-curricular controls in its own country and special arrangements for expatriates. Due to the long journey, the journey was delayed. Later, as things started to go straight, the Vs. Many of the high-altitude tickets were canceled.

Tickets to Kerala last December cost Rs 150 per way. Had arrived. Things are getting better and better for the first time this year. This is the second time in a row that the COV has come under fire. Restrictions on those who later come to Oman Government of Oman Tighten and enforce PCR set as well. തു. Everyone is afraid that the airline services will stop. Posted by. Oman Embassy in India released on Saturday The country is also raising that concern.

Visiting family and close relatives for a long time now There are many people in Oman who suffer from mental illness. These people are in big trouble if air services are stopped. Will create ya. Therefore, it is hoped that the spread of covid disease in India will decrease. Expatriate Malayalees.


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