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Expansion of online performance certificate transfer service through Nara Marketplace
4 professional building societies and Nara Market contract performance data link…
More than 300,000 annual Nara market contracts Proof of performance Society online transfer

□ In the future, the submission of contract performance certificates to Nara Marketplace contract performance certificates to associations involved in four specialized construction fields, such as the Korea Professional Construction Association, which has been inconvenient due to manual processing, will be made convenient online.

□ The Public Procurement Service (President Lee Jong-wook) announced that it would expand the number of online connection/transfer service targets for contract performance certificates made in Nara Market from 4 associations to 8.
○ In the past, online transfer was only possible for four associations: Korea Construction Association, Construction Industry Information Service, Electrical Contractors Association, and Korea Information and Communication Corporation Association.
○ From December 2, the target of online service will be expanded to Korea Professional Construction Association, Korea Machine Tool Association, Cultural Heritage Repair Association, and Korea Fire Facility Construction Association.
* However, the Korea Fire Service Association is improving its own system, so it is excluded during this service expansion period (online submission is possible when self-system improvement is completed)

□ This improvement project was selected for the ‘Paperless Promotion Pilot Project Competition’ held by the Ministry of Science and ICT, and was promoted with the full project budget supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
○ Through this project, it is expected that the inconvenience of procurement companies will be resolved as the work to be submitted to the society for more than 300,000 cases of performance certificates of the Nara market contract per year is converted from work hand to online.

□ Lee Jong-wook, head of the Public Procurement Service, said, “Since the processing of performance certificates has been improved online, procurement companies will be able to save a lot of time and resources, and it is expected that there will be satisfaction with the procurement the service increases.”
ㅇ “We will continue to improve the system so that companies can deal with procurement work more easily and conveniently and continue to discover services that convert paper work into digital,” he said.

* Inquiries: Jooyeon Lim, Electronic Procurement Management Division (042-724-6278)

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